For More Full Auto Videos, go here “Want to see my machine gun collection?” It was the second day in a backwater South Florida deer camp when this question was posed to the group. I said the equivalent of “heck, yes!” in language that’s unprintable here. Our host, it turned out, sidelines as a custom firearms builder, with a long list of military and law enforcement clients. We shot machine guns between morning and evening deer sits.

If there is such a place as heaven, I’m certain this is the daily course of events. Several weeks later, my face still hurts from smiling so much.

My favorite—okay, one of my favorites—was this Glock 17 converted to full auto. Glock makes factory select fire machine pistols, the G18 and G18c, but they’re only available via direct sale to militaries and law enforcement agencies. Most Class III dealers can’t even get them.

This is a factory-made select fire full auto Glock 18c.
This is a factory-made select fire full auto Glock 18c. Note the selector switch on the left side of the slide. This model and the regular G18 are only sold directly to law enforcement agencies and military forces. Arms Unlimited

So, this is the next best thing, a Glock 17 with a custom third-party back plate with a selector switch installed. Lord, was it a riot to shoot. (That’s me and my batwings at the end of the video.)

Edit: My host asked me to clarify the record. He does, in fact, have a G18, but he only takes it out for special occasions. Me and my camera hanging around, as it turns out, is not a special occasion.