Chad Adams
Armalite’s Greg Jordan lights up the first episode of the all-new “3-Gun Nation Television.” Albert Bronson

Three-Gun is perhaps the most innovative and dynamic shooting sport ever devised. It’s such a blast that 3-Gun competitions continue to grow in number and popularity. Basically, 3-Gun requires a competitor to use a pistol, rifle (typically an AR-type rifle), and a shotgun. Competitors are timed as they move through different shooting stations as they engage multiple targets. These can be anything and might require the person to use multiple guns in one station. Typically targets have to be hit twice. To get the lowdown on the coolest show following the best of the best of competitive 3-Gun shooters, “3-Gun Nation,”

I asked Chad Adams, vice president of 3-Gun Nation, to tell us what’s going to happen this season on the Sportsman Channel.

Raneg365: A new season of “3-Gun Nation” is starting on the Sportsman Channel, what makes this season different?

Adams: This season, 3-Gun Nation really blows up the idea of what competitive 3-Gun is all about. We took the format from American Ninja Warrior, put that elimination element into the mix of 3-Gun stages and eliminator challenges, and reduced the field down to an elite few at each match. Gone is aggregate scoring, as we simply don’t have the time to take the golf-approach to covering this sport. Enter in its place an exciting, dramatic elimination-style of 3-Gun shooting, where our 3GN Pros’ entire season is on the line every single time they step into the shooting box. The intensity out there is crazy.

Range365: For those who know little about 3-Gun, can you tell me why it’s such a hip shooting sport?

Adams: 3-Gun is what we like to call the “X-Games” of the shooting sports, as it’s fast and dynamic, with countless renditions and presentations. It’s like a video game come to life; it’s a test of athleticism, speed, hand-eye coordination … you name it. These are athletes competing at the highest level, and the 3-Gun Nation Pro Series features the best 3-Gunners in the world. The Pro Series has 48 qualified Pros, eight events, and six new pros per event. Only the top two competitors advance to the season ending 3GN Championship, where they compete for title of 3GN Champion, and $50K from Leupold Optics and NRA Sports. The Lady Pro Series has 12 shooters, two events, and six new shooters per match. Only top the two at each event advance to 3GN Lady Pro Series Championship to compete for Lady Pro Series Champ and $25K from Samson Manufacturing.

Range 365: How much turnover are we seeing in the top ranks of your elite shooters?

Adams: In the past we saw very little change at the top of the leaderboard, with Daniel Horner, Keith Garcia, and Greg Jordan winning most of our Pro Series events. But this new format is completely different. It’s such a meat-grinder of a format that literally any of our Pros have the ability to rise to the occasion and advance. There is no room for error whatsoever, and we’re getting lots of new blood at the top of the leader board.

Range 365: Who do you think are the top three shooters to watch and why?

Adams: Greg Jordan and Daniel Horner are the favorites on the men’s side. Daniel is the reigning champ, and Jordan won it a couple of years ago. Lena Miculek is the favorite on the Lady Pro Series, and don’t count out her mom and dad, Kay and Jerry, as they are just so tough. But new faces like Rick Birdsall and junior shooter Ashley Rheuark have been sensational this season to advance out of their matches. And don’t count out past champ Tommy Thacker either. There’s just so much talent in these fields, I can’t wait for the championship in October.

Range 365: What is the lifestyle of these guys and gals? Do they also have real jobs? How many shoots must they do each year?

Adams: The competitors on the 3GN Pro Series come from a surprisingly diverse cross-section of America. We have doctors and lawyers, blue-collar guys, law enforcement, and military and even a few folks that make their living shooting and representing industry sponsors. If there are common denominators among the men and women of 3-Gun Nation, it’s their incredible desire to compete and their love of shooting and the Second Amendment.

Range 365: Can you define the growth of 3-Gun Nation? How many participants, shoots and so on?

Adams: 3-Gun is a sport enjoyed by thousands of shooters each weekend across the country. Within 3-Gun Nation, we now have around 100 active clubs in the U.S. and abroad, and we are hosting 17 national and professional-level matches this season. This sport is growing like a wild fire, and we’re seeing new members, new shooters, and new sponsors getting involved everyday.