Lars Larson

Lars Larson

Larson with a buck he killed—and ate—in 2013.

Lars Larson hosts his own conservative talk-radio show and often offers commentary on FOX News. Larson, though, is not one to simply apply an ideology to something and then to pontificate, as so many pundits do. When he speaks it’s from experience. If he doesn’t have experience to draw on, he has a guest on and asks insightful questions.

But Larson knows guns. Range 365 asked him his thoughts about gun rights and ownership:

Range 365: You often cover gun politics on your show. Why are you so passionate about this issue?

I have owned guns since I was a kid. I believe in the Second Amendment. My personal experience has taught me that gun rights are a basic human right. I love that the Founders of this great nation saw it that way too and so enshrined the right to own and carry firearms in our constitution. I could tell you stories about people I’ve interviewed on air—these include minorities and women—who found themselves being confronted by an armed or much stronger bad guys who wanted to rape, rob or murder them. In that violent moment they learned that the police are there to protect us, but nevertheless can’t be everywhere all the time. We also have the responsibility to protect ourselves and our loved ones.

Range 365: Why do so many in the media get basic gun facts and crime statistics wrong?

Most reporters have never held a gun or fired a gun. Instead of going out to gun ranges or taking safety courses to accurately report on the gun culture in America they too often apply their ideology to this issue and then report from that ignorant perspective. I challenge every reporter out there—whether they’re with a rural newspaper, a big, urban daily or with a television news show—to step out of their comfort zone and spend some time with a few of America’s 100-plus million gun owners. When journalists do that—and a few have—they tend to stop making basic technical mistakes about the difference between a semiautomatic rifle and a machine gun or between a rifle and a shotgun. They also learn what an AR-15 actually is. Beyond the technical experience, this gives them a real perspective to draw from.

Range 365: Are you optimistic about the future of gun rights in America?

Very. We now have the right to carry concealed in every state. The reasons behind why gun-rights positions have been mostly winning the political battles recently in the U.S. baffle many urban reporters. But it’s really a simply thing. There are a lot of gun owners. Gun owners don’t look at guns the way the media often does.

Range 365: What do you tell a person who is considering to become a gun owner?

Be careful. Take safety classes and be a responsible and mature adult. Instruction is not hard to find.

Range 365: How long have you been a gun owner?

My dad gave me my first gun when I was seven years old. I was then living in Doris, California. He taught me gun safety first. I have never forgotten his lessons.

Range 365: What do you carry?

I carry a Kimber Ultra Carry II in .45 ACP. This is a small frame Model 1911-type pistol. It packs a .45-caliber punch and is a joy to shoot.

Range 365: What’s your favorite gun?

My Kimber.