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We stage a battle of bullpup shotguns that have remarkably similar capabilities—both hold 15 shells—but with different designs.

The pros and cons of four inexpensive slide-actions on the market today: the Remington 870, Mossberg 500, Benelli Nova, and Winchester SXP.

The Remington 870 Express.

Don’t put a lifetime of shotgunning mistakes into your kid’s hands. Here’s what you need to know before you buy.

The best tool to defend your home is a shotgun. Here are six current models to consider for that important job.

The Winchester SXP Defender is also available in a marine finish, seen here. photo from

They’re two long-time and popular slide-action shotguns, very similar in looks and price…but with some key differences. Which is better for you? We put each through a…

The Remington Model 870 (top) and Mossberg Model 500 appear similar at first glance, but there are some key differences in operation.

It’s a solidly built over/under available in a range of gauges, for about a quarter the cost of many O/Us. Here’s how it shoots.

The Stevens 555 over/under is a Turkish-made shotgun that retails for only $692.

While gunmakers typically come out with fine models, once in a while a clunker escapes. Here are half a dozen to put back on the rack.

photo from Windigo Images

We take a close look at—and put more than 1300 rounds through—the unique twin-magazine, 15-round, slide-action 12 gauge.

The UTS-15 shotgun is a unique pump-action tactical shotgun that holds a total of 15 rounds.

This first-ever autoloading shotgun, developed in 1903, was ahead of its time—and hunters, law enforcement, and military benefitted for nearly a century.

The semi-automatic Browning Auto-5 held five 12-gauge shells, hence the name Auto-5. One of three million produced between from the NRA Museums

The revamped model bears only faint similarities to the popular over/under of old, but is a solid target gun at an excellent price.

The Weatherby's Orion O/U is a Turkish-made shotgun with a design very much like a Beretta 680-series O/U. It retails for $1,099.

It’s not the first shotgun to come in a non-standard hue, but Beretta’s “blue gun” offers more than a distinctive color.

The electric blue receiver of Beretta’s A400 Xcel grew on the author; partly because the A400 Xcel is a reliable, soft-shooting shotgun.

It’s designed and sized solely for female shooters. But does a Syren make it easier for women to break targets? This trapshooting coach found out.

The Syren XLR5 Sporting, which is designed for a woman's physique, has an elevated Monte Carlo style stock to accommodate a woman's longer neck and higher cheekbones.

You can get an o/u at a good (or in some cases, great) price. But is it money well spent? We test four to find out.

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For more than 60 years, the 870 has been the most dominant slide-action shotgun on the market. And it’s still going strong.

Gun of the Week: Remington Model 870
More than 11 million Remington pump-action shotguns have been sold since the gun was introduced in 1950.

How the redesigned and affordable made-for-trap model fared under heavy use on the firing line.

New Gun Test: Winchester SXP Trap
The newest variation of Winchester's SXP pump is the SXP Trap is a deal at $479. goes afield with the company’s new, modernistic—and first-ever—two-barrel model.

New Gun Test: Benelli 828U Over/Under
The radically styled Benelli 828U is a new take on the over/under shotgun. Its alloy receiver, lack of side ribs, and carbon-fiber vent rib combine to keep the 828U’s weight well under 7 pounds.

All-new technology and a friendly price tag highlight Remington’s newest model. Here’s how it performed in a long-term test.

Review: Remington V3 Autoloader
The author’s older son, Gordon, and shorthair Jed pose with a couple of Iowa ringnecks taken with the new Remington V3.