JB Patterson grew up in Palestine, TX, and latched onto the piano at age 5. At 13, like many Texas boys, his father gave him a Remington .243 rifle for deer season.

The Sharp Shooter is a locally owned gun shop and shooting range in Corpus Christi, Texas. Most weeknights a few patrons come through its doors, mostly to browse the steel, while others send some lead downrange for practice. Other than muffled shots and light-hearted banter about topics such the best gun for concealed carry, it’s a fairly low-key operation. But that all changed on June, 20, 2015, when The Sharp Shooter became the launch pad for one very interesting country music band’s new album.

JB Patterson grew up in Palestine, Texas, and latched onto the piano at age five. At 13, his father gave him a Remington .243 rifle for deer season. JB’s been shooting, hunting, and playing music ever since.

In 2009, after having a son, JB wanted to give music one last serious try as a career. So he quit his job in advertising and placed a casting call for band members. Three showed up, three were hired, and JB and the Moonshine Band was born.

Its first album found some Texas radio success, and a sophomore album in 2012 made the charts and earned JB notoriety for songwriting. But all the while the band toured the southwestern United States like madmen, JB wrote songs about Americana: Road songs. Love. Right and wrong. Jail. Blue jeans and guitars. And drinking, as you might suspect, considering the band’s name. JB discovered truths, and also found himself in some pretty shady honkytonks, which iswhy he often travels with a Smith and Wesson .40 caliber handgun. Luckily, he’s never used it to defend his life.

“The fact that society can protect itself with firearms creates a natural balance,” said JB. “It’s a balance between thief and victim; between would-be murderer and law-abiding citizen; and most importantly, a balance between tyranny and liberty. “Even if a shot is never fired, the possibility itself has tremendous power.”

JB and the Moonshine Band decided to launch its third album “Mixtape,” including the first track, “A Shotgun, a Rifle and a .45” in a gun store.

On June 30 the band released its third album, called Mixtape. The first is track titled “A Shotgun, Rifle, and a .45,” and it’s not just another cheesy country anthem.

“It’s a warning against complacency,” said JB. “It’s an admonition that our society lacks vigilance with regards to protecting our own rights.”

So what better place to kick off the tour than at The Sharp Shooter range before taking to the stage later on that night? JB and the Moonshine Band’s “Rock the Range” campaign will visit local shooting ranges where it will give away three guns—a shotgun, rifle, and a .45, of course—to one lucky fan. Then that fan and one friend will get to shoot with JB and the band before seeing a free show.

“I hope to encourage gun owners and people who’ve never owned a firearm to learn about why we have the 2nd Amendment and how to safely and proactively support it,” said JB, who prefers a shotgun if he has to choose. “I want to do my small part for the Second Amendment and have dialogue about how we can be safer, smarter, and more prepared as gun owners.”

You can check the band’s Facebook page to see if it’s playing near you.

You can listen to Shotgun, Rifle, and a .45 here: