Got a minute? These fun, easy-to-follow videos will help you become a better shotgun shooter in 60 seconds…no matter your skill level.

Clay Shooting: Follow the Fragment…Crush More Birds

Phil Bourjaily demonstrates how a shard of a claybird can help you become a better wingshooter.

Dot Your Eye…For Better Shotgunning

Simply putting a piece of tape over one lens of your shooting glasses could have you shooting better in a minute! Shotgun pro Phil Bourjaily shows why.

Clay Shooting: Break More Targets…With Your Feet

Learn how changing your stance can help you hit more birds.

Don’t Get Stung…By the Shotgun Bead

That small object at the end of your barrel could be making you miss. Learn how to beat the bead.

Mount Face First…Shoulder Second

Phil Bourjaily show you the pro shooter’s way to get that gun up.

Clay Shooting: Make Hard Hits…With Soft Hands

Wingshooting expert Phil Bourjaily shows how a very light grip on your shotgun helps you break more birds.

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