SIG SAUER Academy recently announced the addition of a Covert Carry and Micro-Pistols class to help owners of small pistols gain proficiency, being offered in their Epping, New Hampshire location on October 17, 2018.

Those interested in learning safe and proper concealed carry techniques and gaining defensive skills with micro pistols could benefit greatly from the classes, which will focus on close-proximity tactical and defensive drills for use in everyday life. Participants will given the opportunity to use a SIG P365 and holster provided by the Academy if they choose, or they can use their own weapon. Students will also have an opportunity to have their personal gear evaluated by a SIG instructor.

Those interested in the Covert Carry and Micro-Pistols course can review the syllabus, and register, at Please note that the SIG Academy requires that students must have attended a Conceal Carry Pistol or equivalent before attending this course. The course costs $250, and participants should expect to fire approximately 300 rounds.

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