The 3-Dot tritium system from Sig Sauer allows for fast target acquisition in both bright-light and low-light conditions.

Laser sights are great training tools and, for many, are ideal on a home-defense and even carry gun, because they provide fast target acquisition in low-light conditions. But not everyone wants to add a laser to a handgun. Some shooters point out that a laser reveals your location. Also, over-reliance on a laser might be problematic for those who find themselves in a self-defense situation in bright light.

SIG Sauer’s new X-Ray Pistol Sights address some of those concerns.

“The blacked-out rear sight and the high contrast front sight of the X-RAY3 make target acquisition intuitive and fast in any light condition,” says SIG Sauer. “This 3-Dot tritium system has a superior glowing illumination in low light and remains bright and white for daylight conditions.” SIG says the sights will remain bright for more than ten years and require no batteries. MSRP is $129.99.