SIG To Supply SOCOM Suppressors

SIG won the $48 million contract to supply spec ops with MCX SURG suppressed uppers for their M4A1 carbines.

The new SIG SURG system.
The new SIG SURG system.Soldier Systems

Special Operations Command (SOCOM) recently awarded SIG Sauer a $48 million contract for MCX SURG suppressed uppers for their M4A1 carbines, according to Fox News.

The Department of Defense (DoD) regained interest in the Suppressed Upper Receiver Groups (SURG) project in 2017 after taking a year-long hiatus from the program. The SIG system beat out two other competitors for the SURG contract, besting Larue Tactical and Gemtech in extensive testing.

According to Military Times, Gemtech entered their Integra model while Larue went with their [Ultimate Upper Kit called the SUURG[( As the name implies, the Integra is an integral design, with the initial 10.5 inches consisting of barrel and the last five and a half are just baffles. Larue went a different route with a monolithic baffle design that serves as a muzzle brake, protruding beyond the end of the suppressor.

The Ultimate Upper Kit from Larue Tactical was one of the other SURG submissions considered.
The Ultimate Upper Kit from Larue Tactical was one of the other SURG submissions considered.Military Times

SIG added a short barrel and detachable suppressor to their MCX line of piston-driven uppers along with a knuckle adapter for use with existing M4A1 lowers, as specified by SOCOM. The exact length of the barrel isn't known at this time, but the request calls for a barrel of at least 11.5 inches. A folding stock was utilized to keep the footprint to minimum, making convoy travel and storage easy. The new upper and can combo was proven to endure the 700-900 rounds per minute the M4A1 cycles in full-auto. The new MCX SURG uppers and suppressors will be rolled out to Special Operations Forces over the next five years.

Soldier Systems reports that the testing stipulated that a SURG-equipped M4A1 at least 1,200 rounds reliably, without lubrication. The suppressor must be rebuildable, but the serialized component must last the stated service life of an M4A1 lower receiver, 125,000 rounds. Wear parts must last at least 15,000 rounds, but SOCOM asked SIG to try to push the envelope to 20,000 rounds. SOCOM also specified a 10-shot string shall not exceed 140 decibels and maintain 1.5 MOA accuracy.

This is the Integra, submitted by Gemtech.
This is the Integra, submitted by Gemtech.Gemtech

Fox reports that this is not the only Sig product that SOCOM has adopted this year, adding the Sig Sauer MCX Rattler to its arsenal in February. The Personal Defense Weapon (PDW) is designed for close-quarters battle (CQB), with a folding stock and small footprint that makes concealment simple and maneuvering nimble. The Rattlers are also built on M4A1 lower receivers, and are chambered in 5.56mm and .300 Blackout.