SilencerCo Working on Cloaking Camo, Rifle-Linked HUD Goggles

SilencerCo, the well known suppressor company and maker of the Salvo 12 shotgun suppressor, sent out an out-of-the-blue email yesterday with some surprising news.

The company announced the formation of SilencerCo Weapons Research (SWR), a new branch of the company with its own logo, that was "created with the intent of making hunting and shooting technologies accessible to everyone."

The email went on to say this: "For too long, certain technologies have been unnecessarily prohibited from commercial sale or priced out of the attainable range of most civilians. SWR not only believes you deserve better—we plan to show it.

"SWR is designing human augmentation devices that are both affordable and capable in order to enhance the shooter's ability to engage targets, positively identify prey in multiple spectrums, and reduce shooter signature."

New HUD rifle-linked goggles coming from SilencerCo?

The company put out a video (above) hinting at a few unexplained technologies, like these Oculus Rift-type goggles with HUD (heads up display) functionality and a user interface that may or may not be just a mockup. The interface shows a target reticle, ambient environment conditions such temperature, along with elevation, distance, and vitals like heart rate and oxygen levels.

Another interface view shows what appears to be a view in the IR spectrum. Predator vision!

As this post on points out, there's a shot in the video of two hunters with MSRs taking aim at a hog. So the goggles could be part of some HUD-connected targeting system that works with a firearm, perhaps as if a technology similar to the Tracking Point aiming system were connected to goggles.

There are also a couple seconds of footage that hint at what could be the wildest consumer product to come along in recent memory. The shooter turns a dial on his wristwatch….and disappears, apparently due to a new digital camouflage system. So, it seems as if the people at SilencerCo watched "Predator" and decided to make all the sci-fi tech real.

The video is almost certainly created with CG effects, but maybe we'll see one or all of these products in January at SHOT Show 2016. Stay tuned.