An increasing number of women want to learn to shoot, and the aptly named Sisters of the Second Amendment (S2A) is the latest example of a smart response to that demand.

S2A has three goals any shooter can get behind: education, preservation, and recreation. Its leaders have been busy planning the group’s shooting events as well as its mission: to promote the rules of safe gun handling and ownership, to provide instruction for safe gun handling and ownership, to encourage women to develop their skills in gun handling and marksmanship, and to empower women in self-confidence and self-awareness, according to this story on

All the women who started S2A are certified NRA Firearms instructors.

“So many women today are purchasing firearms, whether for protection of their home, self and/or loved ones. Many are interested in carrying the gun concealed and are applying for licenses to carry concealed,” said Diane Shaffer, the club’s president and the First Assistant District Attorney for Lawrence County. She’s a certified Range Safety Officer and a Refuse to Be a Victim Instructor.

“What is most important in ownership of a firearms is knowledge about the firearm, gun safety, and security in maintaining a firearm whether on your person or in your home,” she said. “Understanding how the firearm works and maintaining the firearm and learning the skills necessary to use that firearm in the proper and safe manner is vital, not only for the owner, but for those around them.”

The club’s vice president, Sari Quinn, said she got involved with S2A because she wanted women in the area to have a place to be trained in personal defense and safety.

“I want to empower other women in safe gun handling and give them confidence to defend themselves,” Quinn said.

The group purposely makes the monthly meetings of S2A welcoming.

“It’s relaxed and comfortable,” Shaffer said. “We reach out to women who are new to gun ownership and provide a forum for learning and understanding responsible gun ownership. I feel that the women feel less intimidated when shooting and learning with other women.”

Several S2A members say the camaraderie of a women-only group is one of the main attractions of the club.

The club’s Education Committee Trustee, Kristen Smock, said for her it’s the friendships that she has developed that matter the most.

“The friends I have made and the support we give each other is priceless,” Smock said.