There’s recently been a big furor among non-gun people about a little two-barrel derringer designed with a folding grip that looks like a smartphone, in a case, without a screen, until it’s deployed. Some called it a threat to cops and “just a bad idea,” but very few could say why.

It looks like the gun, which has been nothing more than a concept drawing thus far, will actually be coming to market this summer for less than $400, according to this story from

The Minnesota-based manufacturer Ideal Conceal is taking orders for the double barrel, two-shot, .380 ACP handgun, the story says.

Sen. Bob Casey (D-PA) is vigorously opposing the introduction of the gun, having written to the BATFE asking them to investigate the matter.

“When the gun that’s produced look exactly like a smartphone, you’ve got a problem,” Casey says in the story. “No company should make any money designing a product that’s misleading and dangerous.”

But some would argue that this gun is no different than any small derringer or pocket pistol that can be tucked out of view (or any concealed firearm for that matter), except that this gun, if a shirt should happen to lift or a jacket should flap open, won’t be recognized as a firearm, thereby allowing those with CCW permits in states with no open carry laws to abide by the rules.

The fact that it’s a two-shot, short barreled gun with no sights chambered in a small caliber makes it a last-ditch self defense tool, and not much of a danger as anything else.

Some have also argued that the gun would pose a danger for police. Last month, Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY) said it posed a threat to law enforcement if it was allowed to be sold, because they could find themselves in a situation where they wouldn’t know if a suspect was pulling out a phone or a gun.

But police officers never know if a suspect is pulling out a gun, or a phone, or a knife, or a hammer when they reach for something, which is why they don’t allow one to reach for anything at all.