Ozzie Knezovich, County Sheriff in Spokane, Washington, is telling his deputies to carry their weapons while off-duty. photo from

The recent terror attacks in Paris have many feeling on-edge this week. Some are taking the attacks as a harbinger of more violence to come, and want to meet that threat with solid defensive measures.

The County Sheriff of Spokane, Washington, Ozzie Knezovich, is asking his deputies to carry their guns even when they’re off duty.

According to this story from, the sheriff wants his deputies armed in places where large numbers of people gather.

“If you take a look at the venue in Paris, where they one-by-one shot those individuals in the theater, that was chilling to listen to and if you listen to those news reporters, those individuals were begging for law enforcement to come in,” Knezovich told KXLY. “It’s because of the world that we live in right now and the threat levels that we’re facing. Paris is just an example of that so the recommendation was for off-duty law enforcement to carry.”

Sergeant Jack Rosenthal already carries his sidearm, the story says.

“As law enforcement, we should be carrying our weapons when we’re off duty. We should be carrying extra magazines. You never know when that incident is going to take place, and it will take place,” Rosenthal says in the story.

The story says at least 40 people applied for concealed weapons permits the Monday after the attacks.

“I want to be able to protect myself and my children, so I picked up a concealed weapons permit,” said Khea Sherman, who was one of them.

Knezovich’s advice to concealed carriers is to get trained up.

“If you are thinking about carrying concealed for these types of purposes, that you get trained in the proper use of the firearm and the legal use of that firearm, because there are ramifications for pulling that weapon out,” he said.

The story says: “So does Knezovich really think someone with a pistol can stop a more heavily armed terrorist? In the incident at the Bataclan concert hall, it may have been easy for the terrorists to methodically gun down unarmed concert goers; it would be a lot different when one or more of them is suddenly shooting back.”