Stand-Your-Ground Bill Again Considered in Iowa

Sen. Rick Bertrand of Sioux City, Iowa has reintroduced the new "Stand Your Ground" legislation.

A Senator from Iowa is pushing a bill that would change the state's current laws regarding self-defense to include a "stand your ground" provision, according to this story from

A ground called Iowa Gun Owners (IGO) has been lobbying for such a provision for several years, and it's the second time the bill has been introduced, according to this story from, this time by Sen. Rick Bertrand.

As the law stands, if a person is attacked in public, they must first try to flee the attacker before fighting back in self-defense.

"In a situation like that, a citizen shouldn't worry if they retreated far enough or fast enough," said Aaron Door, director of the IGO.

The new law would only apply to citizens with concealed-carry permits.

"We're in a changing world. There are people out there that want to hurt us," Bertrand said. "This is not a radical idea to protect yourself, stand your ground as if it was your own home."

"Gun laws don't keep guns away from the bad actors," Bertrand also said in this story. "They keep them from the good players, so at the end of the day, I trust Iowans and Americans."

Thousands of people signed a petition at the Sioux City Convention Center at a recent gun show in favor of the legislation.

Dorr says the chances of the bill passing where it came up short previously in the state senate are good.

"Gun owners will hold their law makers accountable, and they'll well remember that when they approach these 1016 elections," Dorr said.