States Agree to Concealed-Carry Reciprocity

North Dakota and neighboring Minnesota have finally resolved a disagreement over CCW reciprocity.

It was announced earlier this week that, effective immediately, Minnesota will recognize Class 1 licenses from North Dakota, but not Class 2 licenses, which don't require a shooting proficiency test, according to this story from

All Minnesota concealed-carry licenses will be simultaneously recognized in North Dakota.

With the change, ND Class 1 license holders now have reciprocity in 39 states, said North Dakota Attorney General Wayne Stenehjem. As of this week, there were 4,080 Class 1 licenses and 35,051 Class 2 licenses issued in North Dakota, attorney general's spokesperson Liz Broker said.

According to Stenehjem, his office had tried for a decade through numerous legislative changes to gain reciprocity in Minnesota, but Minnesota's requirement that another state's laws be "substantially" similar to its own stymied the efforts.

So what finally broke the stalemate? The Minnesota Legislature simple removed the "substantially" part from the requirement earlier this year, and the Minnesota Department of Public Safety determined subsequently that North Dakota's laws met the new standard, according to the Star Tribune.

"By removing one word, the Minnesota Legislature at las made reciprocity between out states a possibility," Stenehjem said in a story

In 2013, the North Dakota Legislature changed the eligibility law for nonresidents to require that an applicant or license holder must be a resident of a state that has reciprocity with North Dakota. As a result, Minnesota residents were no longer eligible for the North Dakota license, so their licenses were suspended.

Those Minnesotans, numbering about 330, can now apply to the North Dakota Bureau of Criminal Investigation to have the licenses reinstated.