Galco has introduced its own version of a popular way to carry spare ammo for revolvers, as well as quickly reload them, that has proven reliable for many years.

The new Galco E-Z Loader cartridge strips are made of flexible Santopreme and carry six revolver cartridges in a row, holding them by the cartridge base. The strip has a tab on the end by which the user can grab and manipulate the strip.

Right now, the E-Z Loader is available for .38 and .357 cartridges only with an MSRP of $9.95 for a pair.

If you think they look familiar, Bianchi has been making something similar for a long time as the company’s Speed Strips, sized for several common revolver calibers.

Galco's E-Z Loaders are made of flexible Santopreme.
Galco’s E-Z Loaders are made of flexible Santopreme. Galco Gunleather

The idea is simple, when you roll out the cylinder of a revolver, you use the strip to insert two rounds at a time into their respective chambers. Then with a little twist, you peel the strip from those two rounds, spin the cylinder, and move on to the next two cartridges. Doing this three times will load a full cylinder on a six-shooter.

It takes a little practice, but it can be nearly as fast as a speedloader when you get good at it, and carrying revolver ammo like this is much more compact and discreet than cylindrical speedloaders—and it’s far better than carrying loose ammunition.

Tuff Products also makes a version it calls the Quickstrip, in five- or six-round sizes. They even make a belt pouch that neatly carries two, six-round strips.