Earlier this year, Range365 set out to create three custom AR rifles and bring our readers along for the ride: a lightweight, minimalist .223 Wylde rifle for the range or vamint duty, a heavy duty 6mm Creedmoor precision rifle intended for DMR competition shooting, and a big bore .450 Bushmaster thumper of a hunting gun and brush gun for game inside 150 yards.

The project quickly became a mammoth undertaking requiring the assistance of a Pennsylvania gun shop and its two experienced gunsmiths, a top-rate Cerakote artist, and more than a dozen companies that contributed parts for these three rifles.

men standing over deconstructed ar rifle parts
The men who did the actual gun building for this project, Justin Potter (left) and Matt Compton. Michael R. Shea

You can read all about the builds and get perhaps the most thorough instructions for installing every component of an AR-platform rifle available while your at it here, along with complete parts lists, and find out the unique considerations that must be paid when creating a big bore AR.

But this gallery is just for oogling. These are the three final AR builds in all their glory, the blue and white minimalist .223 Wylde “Stormtrooper,” the WWII aviation themed 6mm DMR “Lady Luck,” and the Vietnam-era tiger stripe camo .450 Bushmaster thumper “The Hunter.”