For the past 35 years, Cimarron Firearms has built their reputation on quality and authenticity when it comes to Old West replica firearms. At SHOT Show 2020, Cimarron has taken the Old West into the New West by introducing is their popular Bad Boy revolver in 10mm.

Developed by Jeff Cooper in the 1980s, the 10mm cartridge has seen a resurgence in popularity with handgun hunters, sport shooters, competitors, and more. Originally intended to be used in a semi-auto pistol, the introduction of the Bad Boy takes the cartridge in a new direction. Rounds like .45 ACP and 9mm have made the jump from pistol to revolver successfully, so it only makes sense that the 10mm has followed in those footsteps.

Cimarron 10mm Bad Boy
The 10mm has enough of a rim that this revolver doesn’t require any kind of clip and uses a standard SAA loading gate. T. Logan Metesh

Cimarron’s Bad Boy is decidedly different, though, in some key ways. Its cylinder is fitted in a solid Single Action Army Pre-War frame; no modern swing-out cylinder here! Loading and unloading is done through the traditional loading gate, one round at a time.

The 8-inch octagonal barrel is outfitted with adjustable target sights, but a Picatinny rail is available for alternative optics, such as the one on display at the SHOT Show booth. The frame, cylinder, and barrel are all made from carbon alloy steel and are finished nicely with a classic bluing, and it is capped off with an 1860 Army-style, one-piece walnut grip.

The 10mm Bad Boy has an MSRP of $726.05. For more information on Cimarron Firearms and accessories, visit