Henry Model X
The Henry Model X in .45-70 was on display at the Federal Ammunition booth at SHOT Show 2020 with a bipod affixed to the lower Picatinny rail, along with the company’s new HammerDown lever gun ammo, which was designed in conjunction with Henry. Joseph Albanese

While they don’t have a booth at SHOT Show 2020, Henry Repeating Arms has still had a presence at the largest shooting and hunting convention in the world. Their rifles were on hand at Media Day at the Range to help show off the capabilities of Federal Ammunition’s new lever-gun-optimized HammerDown ammo line, which was designed in conjunction with Henry. You can read more about HammerDown here.

But that wasn’t all Henry had in store. During the show, the gunmaker announced a new shotgun and lever gun line called the X Model Series. The concept was first teased back at the 2018 NRA Annual Meetings & Exhibits, but this is the first time we’ve gotten a look at the finished firearms.

All X Model guns have been designed from the ground up to bring unparalleled versatility and utility to not only Henry’s expansive like of rifles and shotguns, but the lever-action platform itself.

The line includes five models that are all priced at $970.

“The sheer volume of positive feedback we received about the concept guns we brought to Dallas was incredible, and this type of strong feedback is what tends to drive our product development plans.” Anthony Imperato, President and owner of Henry Repeating Arms says. “It’s exciting to kick off the year with such a highly requested line of firearms and finally make these guns a reality.”

Henry Model X
Another Henry Model X Big Boy rifle was on display at the SilencerCo booth with one of their cans affixed to the gun’s threaded barrel. Joseph Albanese

The series includes the Big Boy platform chambered in .44 Mag./.44Spl, .357 Mag/.38 Spl, and .45 Long Colt as well as a lever action shotgun chambered in .410 bore and another rifle chambered in the straight-walled .45-70 Government.

All five models have a durable and lightweight synthetic pistol-gripped stock and handguard—something of a departure for Henry—with a solid rubber recoil pad. The forestock or handguards feature a Picatinny accessory rail and M-Lok slots for adding lights and lasers. The stock also includes integrated sling swivel studs.

Likewise, the round, blued steel barrels on the Big Boy models are 17.4 inches long while the shotgun and .45-70 models have 19.8-inch barrels.

The X Model firearms can all be loaded through the magazine tube, like nearly all Henry lever guns, or through a side loading gate, allowing the mags to be easily topped off while shooting. The receivers are drilled and tapped to accept optics mounts and each model also includes a fully adjustable fiber optic rear sight paired with a fiber optic front sight (the shotgun is adorned with only a front fiber optic sight).

The barrels of the rifle models are threaded with a 5/8×24 pitch to accommodate a suppressor or other muzzle device—the .410 shotgun model is a smooth boar and is threaded internally for a removable Invector-style choke.

The Big Boy models all have a 7+1 capacity while the .410 shotgun has a 2.5-chamber and a 5+1 capacity.

The advantages of a synthetic stock in the field are obvious, but the other features on these firearms make them all truly tactical options for home and self defense (especially for gun owners living in restricted states) and make them even more suited for modern hunters.

Expect some full gun reviews on these models very soon.

Henry X Model
The new Henry X Model lever guns are available in .45-70 Gov. (top); Big Boy versions in .357 Mag, .44 Mag, and .45 LC; and as a shotgun in .410 bore with a 2.5-inch chamber. Henry Repeating Arms