Kel-Tec CQB SUB-2000
Firing the new Kel-Tec CQB SUB-2000 at Industry Day at the Range. Joseph Albanese

While it has plenty of practical applications, the new Kel-Tec CQB SUB-2000 pistol caliber carbine is just pure fun to shoot.

It’s a quick-takedown carbine that literally folds in half. It’s chambered in 9mm and accepts magazines in the pistol grip, like a handgun, and uses Glock mags, though other variants accept SIG, CZ, and Beretta mags.

The bolt is actually a knob in the buffer-tube like stock and it locks open a little bit like the bolt on an MP5. It’s lights as hell, nimble and quick to shoulder, and it was deadly accurate with a red dot, as we had on the test model at Industry Day at the Range this year.

Kel-Tec CQB SUB-2000
The Kel-Tec CQB SUB-2000 in its folded state. Joseph Albanese

The CQB version is also integrally suppressed, meaning a tax stamp is required, but the total MSRP for the CQB SUB-2000 is just $900, can included. (the regular un-suppressed version of the SUB-2000 has an MSRP of just $500)

We obviously didn’t get a chance to do a durability test, but from the details and from running a few mags through it, I think this would make an ideal truck gun or an extremely competent home defense firearm loaded with premium self defense 9mm ammo— or just a general purpose pistol caliber carbine that’s super quiet, easy to shoot, and easy to stow pretty much anywhere. Plus, you can load it with an extended Glock stick magazine for up to a 30-round capacity.

Kel-Tec CQB SUB-2000
The integrally suppressed Kel-Tec CQB SUB-2000 pistol caliber carbine. Joseph Albanese

At the very least, it’s a super fun plinker that could be a great introduction to centerfire firearms for new shooters graduating from .22LR rifles.