Colt Python
The new, re-introduced, Colt Python revolver in .357 Magnum with a 6-inch barrel. It’s also available with a 4.25-inch barrel. T. Logan Metesh

When Colt first introduced the Python revolver in 1955, it was a hit for the company. The gun gained a reputation for its fine fitting and fantastic trigger, and collectors and shooters alike were saddened when the gun was finally pulled from the catalog in 2005 after 50 years of production. Since then, Pythons have commanded steep prices on the used market.

After re-launching the Cobra and King Cobra over the past couple years, it was only logical that the next step for Colt would be a reintroduction of the famed Python. Like the other two guns in the new snake lineup, the new Python is not the Python of old, and that’s by design.

The new gun has fewer internal parts and is not hand-fitted by individual gunsmiths, mainly because we’ve come a long way in terms of manufacturing over the past half century, and modern-made guns don’t need to be hand-fitted to be finely tuned.

They’ve also beefed up the frame for longer-lasting performance with hot .357 Magnum loads, which is not recommended for prolonged use in the original models.

Colt Python
It’s awful nice to see that rollmark again. T. Logan Metesh

Colt has also made it so that the front sight can easily be swapped by the user, eliminating the hassle of having to take the gun to a gunsmith to make such a change.

Available in both 4.25- and 6-inch barrel lengths, the new Python sports a stainless finish only instead of the more traditional bluing. Despite what some may say, that’s not blasphemous, because the original Python was available in stainless starting back in 1983.

Colt Python
TK T. Logan Metesh

Shooting the gun at Industry Day at the Range proved that the Python’s legendary smooth trigger pull is still intact, regardless of whatever other changes they’ve made to the gun.

MSRP is $1,499 for both barrel lengths, and that’s actually better than the original price of $125 in 1955, when adjusted for inflation.

Colt Python Walking Dead
In recent years, interest in the Colt Python was reignited by its use on the popular and long-running TV horror show, The Walking Dead, in which protagonist Rick Grimes carries a 6-inch stainless steel version throughout the show.