Springfield Armory is known for its competition and defensive firearm lines, but they’re getting into a new segment of the gun market with the all new Model 2020 family of American-made bolt action hunting rifles with an accuracy guarantee and chamberings that are sure to get the attention of precision shooters as well.

The heart of the rifle is the custom-grade Model 2020 action, designed to take advantage of the most advanced manufacturing methods to hold incredibly tight tolerances. The Cerakote finished action features an integral recoil lug and is machined from pre-hardened stainless steel with EDM cut raceways.

The fluted bolt can be disassembled without tools and employs dual cocking cams and an enhanced extractor for high pressure loads.

The result is a production rifle that delivers levels of precision usually found only on custom rifles that have been blueprinted and trued. This allows each Model 2020 to carry a remarkable .75″ MOA accuracy guarantee.

“The Model 2020 has arrived and marks a new dawn for modern bolt-action rifles from Springfield Armory,” says company CEO Dennis Reese. “It sets the standard for precision manufacturing, performance and accuracy from a premium, American-made rifle.”

Springfield Armory's new Model 2020 Waypoint
A first look at Springfield Armory’s new Model 2020 Waypoint. Bill Buckley

The first in this new family of rifles is the Model 2020 Waypoint, the result of years of engineering, testing and evaluation, combined with premium grade components found on rifles costing thousands of dollars more. The Model 2020 Waypoint is built to deliver the accuracy and performance shooters usually demand from a custom-grade rifle.

Designed for the most demanding hunters, the Model 2020 Waypoint strikes a critical balance between light weight and rugged durability by incorporating a premium, hand-painted, 100 percent carbon-fiber stock made by AG Composites that is hand-laid and pillar bedded for precision and repeatability.

Available in both adjustable and standard configurations, the stock features five QD mounts for versatile carry, M-Lok slots for mounting bipods and accessories, and is hand painted in Ridgeline or Evergreen camo.

The rifle’s free-floating carbon-fiber-sleeved barrel has subsurface fluting that reduces weight and provides cooling channels to promote cold-bore-to-warm-bore repeatability. The Waypoint is also offered with a traditional fluted, Cerakote finished, stainless steel barrel.

A TriggerTech “Field” trigger, adjustable from 2.5-5 lbs., provides a crisp, clean break and the action is fed by AICS-pattern magazines.

The Model 2020 Waypoint is available in 6mm Creedmoor, 6.5 Creedmoor, .308 Win. and 6.5 PRC.

Accuracy in the field is the result of precision in the workshop. The cutting-edge technology behind the development and manufacturing of the Model 2020 delivers custom-grade performance in an heirloom-quality production rifle from the gun makers at Springfield Armory.