Believe it or not, the classic HBO series, The Sopranos, is headed for a resurgence. A new movie prequel is coming our way in September, 2020 called The Many Saints of Newark that will tell a story covering several years in the lives of Tony Soprano’s father, Johnny Boy Soprano, and Christopher Moltisanti’s father, Dickie, in the 1960s. And yes, the title is an allusion to Chris (Michael Imperioli) and Dickie’s surname, which literally means “many saints” in Italian.

Because of HBO’s success with the movie sequel to another of its shows, Deadwood, there is lot of confidence among fans in this venture, not to mention a stellar cast. Deadwood was off the air from 2006 until the movie was released in 2019. The Sopranos aired its series finale in 2007.

John Bernthal is playing Johnny Soprano in the movie alongside Vera Farmiga as his wife, Livia Soprano. On the show, Nancy Marchand played the elder version of the Soprano materfamilias until the actress passed away after filming season 2 of the show. The characters death was then written into the beginning of season 3 .

Of course, James Gandolfini, who played protagonist Tony Soprano, passed away in 2013. His son, Michael, is actually playing a teenage version of Tony in the movie—and he looks a lot like his dad.

Regardless of how you feel about an impending Sopranos prequel movie, it’s always a lot of fun to revisit this series, which I try to do every couple years or so.

There were a whole lot of guns used during the 6 season run of the revered show, but there were some hits that stood out among the others. Here they are, in chronological order. Surprise: The NJ mob loves their Glocks.

Tony Soprano Attempted Hit – S1E12

Junior’s Hitmen – Glock 19 and SIG P228

In the season one episode Isabella, Tony is in the deep throes of a depression and on enough medication to cause him to hallucinate the existence of an entire person. He even has lunch with her.

At the same time, his own uncle puts a hit out on him, with some coaxing from his own mother, which sets up a lot of Tony’s motivations and attitudes throughout the rest of the show.

Tony heads home from a doctor’s appointment, morose and in sweatpants. He stops to get some orange juice and a paper at a newsstand before getting in his Chevy Suburban. One could argue this echoes the scene in which Vito Corleone was gunned down in The Godfather. In that scene, Vito bought oranges before two hitmen came at him with pistols.

As the music swells, Tony sees someone approaching him in the reflection in the finish on his vehicle. He turns to see William “Pettite” Clayborn (John Eddins) marching at him with a two-toned Glock 19 in his outstretched hand. This is possibly the same Glock that Brendan used in the truck hijacking gone wrong earlier in the season.

Tony Soprano attempted assassination.
(top) Tony tries to knock the hitman’s Glock out of battery by pulling on the slide. (bottom) The first shooter’s buddy shoots through the passenger side window and misses him, killing his own partner.

As Clayborn fires a shot, the juice bottle in Tony’s hand explodes, hit my the poorly aimed round (it was the 90s and you could still buy Tropicana in a glass bottle). He clambers into the SUV as Ray takes another shot that shatters the driver’s side window as Tony ducks—this also brings an abrupt end to the Leonard Cohen song, which has served as the soundtrack to Tony’s bout with depression and dispels an idea that this would be a Scorcese-like slow motion scene set to a classic song.

Tony starts the car just before Clayborn comes up to the window, but he’s too close. Tony is able to grab his gun arm and pull him partially into the car.

They struggle brutally over the Glock 19 and Tony paws at the slide, trying to knock it out of battery.

As they struggle and Tony gets Clayborn in sort of a headlock, the other hitman, Rasheen Ray (Touche) approaches from the other side of the car with a SIG P228. Tony sees him at the last second and only has time to give out a panicked yell before he fires through the other window, but Ray’s aim isn’t so great, or the bullet gets knocked off trajectory by going through the glass, and he shoots his own partner in the head.

Tony Soprano Attempted Assassination
The second assassin gets too close to the car and Tony is able to grab his gun hand and pull away in his SUV.

Tony lets the dead hitman’s body fall, along with his Glock, as Ray panics a bit and walks right up to the car so he doesn’t miss again.

He comes so close that Tony is able to grab his gun hand when he raises it. He holds onto it with his right hand as he puts his car in drive and starts to pull away, dragging Ray along and keeping the muzzle pointed up and away.

As he wrenches the gun from Ray’s hand, the SUV goes faster and Ray lets go and falls to the road.

When the P228 is turned all the way up, we see that the magazine well is empty. It’s possible the mag was ejected while the actors were fighting over it, but we don’t see it happen. Or it was left out for safety reasons and is a straight up goof.

Tony laughs, knowing he literally just dodged several bullets, right before his Suburban crashes into a parked car. He’s not wearing a seatbelt, obviously, but he’s not going very fast and the air bag saves him, but he is knocked unconscious and has to go to the hospital.

It’s an intense ordeal that actually does snap Tony out of the deep depression he’d been locked in for a good amount of time. It also made him angry, which helped give him back his edge—something he needs to come out on top of Junior by the end of the season.

Jimmy Altieri Hit – S1E13

Silvio and Christopher – Suppressed Glock 19, Ruger SP101

Episode 13 of the first season was a rough and violent one for the Soprano crew with a lot of things coming to a head. We see Tony’s crew deal with an FBI informant in their own ranks for the first time. They discover that Jimmy Altieri (Joe Badalucco, Jr.) a captain in Tony’s crew, is wearing a wire. It’s the first time the audience gets to see how the Soprano crew handles such a thing.

Christopher gets Jimmy out of bed and uses the promise of young Russian women to get him to a hotel room, intentionally making sure he doesn’t have enough time to wire up. It’s actually Silvio Dante (Steven Van Zandt) waiting for Jimmy at the hotel with a suppressed Glock 19.

Jimmy Altieri reaches for the Ruger SP101 revolver in his ankle holster, but its too late.
Jimmy Altieri reaches for the Ruger SP101 revolver in his ankle holster, but its too late.

When he realizes what’s going on, Jimmy tries to pull a stainless Ruger SP101 revolver from an ankle holster, but Chris takes it away from him quickly. They shoot him right there in the hotel room, and somehow get his body out of there without anyone noticing (and all the mess in the room?), so they can leave it by a dumpster with a rat in his mouth.

Brendan Filone Murder – S1E3

Mikey Palmice – Suppressed Glock 19

When Brendan Filone (Anthony DeSando), Christopher’s best friend, crosses Junior Soprano (Dominic Chianese) for a second time by hijacking a truck that belongs to one of his companies—and accidentally killing the driver in the process, it doesn’t turn out well for him. Brendan isn’t much of a criminal mind, but he’s Christopher’s best friend, which in reality was holding him back. Tony disliked Brendan because of his big mouth and because Tony “don’t like that methamphetamine.”

We don’t know how long or how well Christoper and Brendan knew each other, but its possible they went to school or even grew up together in the neighborhood.

In the truck hijacking gone wrong, Christopher opts to stay home and not participate, and instead listen to Tony and abide by the rules. Brendan goes ahead with two hired gunmen regardless. One of them drops his Glock 19 and it somehow fires when it hits the ground. It’s a TV and movie gun trope for sure committed by people who don’t know what a drop safety is.

The errant round kills the innocent truck driver employed by Junior’s protected company, and the two gunmen flee, leaving Brendan to take the heat. But apparently he doesn’t take it seriously to even leave town for a couple days.

(top) Brendan Filone prepares for the disastrous truck hijacking with a two-toned Glock 19. (bottom) Mikey Palmice shooting Brendan in his tub with a suppressed Glock 19.
(top) Brendan Filone prepares for the disastrous truck hijacking with a two-toned Glock 19. (bottom) Mikey Palmice shooting Brendan in his tub with a suppressed Glock 19.

Junior takes retribution by having Mikey Palmice (Al Sapienza) kill Brendan with a suppressed Glock 19 as he sat in his tub at home.

“Hijack. Bye, Jack.”

At the same time, he hires some Russian goons to take Christopher out to the Meadowlands for a mock execution to teach him a lesson. But we can’t forget, this course of action was suggested to Junior by Livia after he goes to her for advice about dealing with Tony and his nephew.

When Junior suggests clipping Chris and Brendan, Livia says, “Christopher is a good boy. He put up my storm windows once for me. But that other one. Filone. Eh.”

After getting out of the hospital the following morning, Chris and Adriana La Cerva (Drea de Matteo) find Brendan’s dead body when they go to his apartment.

Mikey Palmice Hit – S1E13

Paulie and Christopher – FEG R9, Smith & Wesson 5946

This is the first real hit in terms of what you usually think of as a mob hit.

During the first season’s struggles with Junior and his crew, Tony orders Chris and Paulie Gualtieri (Tony Sirico) to whack Junior’s right-hand man, Mikey Palmice while he’s out for a jog. Mikey goes from thinking his mob career is on a huge upswing with Tony slated to be clipped, to literally running for his life.

After following him down a jogging path in a Cadillac, Chris and Paulie chase Mikey down on foot after he runs into the woods, firing a number of shots at him on the run that all miss. They catch up to him after he trips and falls going through a big puddle, and after Paulie gets caught up in some poison ivy. Chris shoots Mikey in the leg so he can’t run away, because he has something to tell him first.

Christopher and Pauli open up on Mikey Palmice with a S&W 5946 and an FEG R9.
Christopher and Pauli open up on Mikey Palmice with a S&W 5946 and an FEG R9.

Paulie is armed with an FEG R9 pistol, which is a Hungarian copy of the Browning Hi-Power. It’s likely the same gun Tony is seen carrying in S1E4 when he goes to meet Junior at the restaurant.

Christopher is carrying an S&W 5946, probably because that’s the gun the bad guys used in Reservoir Dogs, and we all know how much Chris loves his movies.

Paulie: “Fu#*in’ poison ivy all ovah…”

Chris: “My friend Brendan. You shot him in his bathtub naked. No chance to run.”

Mikey: “No, I swear to god, it wasn’t me! It was Junior! He hated that kid, it was him!”

Chris: “Yeah right, it was Junior. Mr. Magoo.”

Paulie: “I can feel it itching me already…”

Then the two men proceed to shoot Mikey…several times.

Christopher Moltisanti Attempted Hit – S2E8

Sean and Matt – Glock 19s, Walther PPK

In season 2, as Chris slowly climbs the ranks, he’s put in charge of a pump-and-dump stock scheme, which means he has to babysit an office most of the week. He’s given two piss-boys to boss around for this task, Matt Bevilaqua (Lillo Brancato) and Sean Gismonte (Chris Tardio), who want nothing more than to climb the ranks like Chris. Unfortunately, they don’t have a half a brain between them.

Chris bosses them around and makes them perform menial tasks, and pretty much everyone takes money from them for a few episodes, plus Tony snubs them a couple times in public because they are just very dumb guys with very big mouths.

They take offense to the cumulative disrespect and get it in their heads that they’re going to make a big move of some kind to prove themselves. After talking with Richie Aprile, who has disparaging things to say about Christopher, who he doesn’t like on a personal level, Matt and Sean decide they’re going to kill Chris as a favor to Richie…that he didn’t ask for. A huge leap of logic? Definitely.

Christopher draws a Walther PPK from an ankle holster while being shot at and manages to kill one of his attackers, but takes two bullets in the process.
Christopher draws a Walther PPK from an ankle holster while being shot at and manages to kill one of his attackers, but takes two bullets in the process.

Sean and Matt wait in a car for Christopher to come out to his vehicle and drive away from a diner. When he does, Sean leans out the passenger window and calls Christopher’s name and says, “What’s up.” Chris responds and Sean answers by pulling a Glock 19 and shooting him center mass.

After he falls, Chris pulls a Walther PPK from an ankle holster on the inside of his right leg with his left hand, but another shot from Sean’s pistol clips his forearm and he drops the gun.

Matt and Sean try to get out of the car to finish him off, but in typical fashion, Sean still has his seatbelt on and struggles to get it off. As he does, Matt comes around the front of the car, firing his own Glock 19 wildly at Chris, not hitting anything.

Chris picks his Walther back up with his left hand and fires one shot that strikes Sean, still in his seatbelt, in the back of the head, splattering what little brains he had all over the windshield. It looks like he made a great, carefully aimed shot, but it’s more likely a lucky shot, as he was probably trying to shoot at Matt, who was the one shooting at him at the time.

Sean (top) and Matthew open fire on Christopher as he exits a diner.
Sean (top) and Matthew open fire on Christopher as he exits a diner.

Matt sees this and freaks out, firing a few more shots as he runs off, letting the car roll in the street. Chris fires a few more shots from his Walther at him, but they’re also wild, as he’s starting to bleed out.

In the next shot, we see Chris unconscious and with his empty Walther still in his hand, slide locked open and shell casings all around. If you look close, you can see the casings have the crimped openings of blank cartridges.

Chris goes into a coma for a while, but winds up surviving minus a spleen. Sean is very dead and Matty is on the run, which brings us to:

Matthew Bevilaqua Execution – S2E9

Tony and Puss – Glock 19s

After the failed attempt to kill Christopher, a now solo Matt (who didn’t do very well thinking-wise even with Sean’s help) first goes to Richie for aid. Realizing Tony would certainly kill him if he thought he had anything to do with it, Richie chases him out of his place with a bat and immediately tells Tony about it.

The family puts the word out that they’re looking for Matt, and eventually, someone gives Sal “Big Pussy” Bompinsiero his location for $20. He’s hiding out in a state park near Morristown. (Puss got his nickname because he’s a big dude and he got started in a life of crime as a surprisingly adept cat burglar, though on long safe-cracking jobs, Christopher says he used to get nervous and have to drop a deuce at the scene. “One time it was so big they thought a bear had been in there.”)

Tony: “Over by that ‘George Washington slept here’ house?”

Puss: “Yeah…”

Tony stops at Puss’s house where he has a small arsenal of handguns and at least one shotgun in a compartment hidden in his wall behind a fake panel of insulation. They select a pair of Glock 19 pistols.

Tony: “Gimme one.”

Puss: “You don’t have to do dis. Furio and me are on it.”

Tony: “I wanna do dis.”

Tony and Puss use two Glock 19 pistols to execute Matthew Bevilaqua after he tried and failed to kill Christopher.
Tony and Puss use two Glock 19 pistols to execute Matthew Bevilaqua after he tried and failed to kill Christopher.

The next time we see them, they have a badly beaten Matt on a chair in a closed snack bar building like the kind you find at a campground. After gently interrogating and making him feel like he might actually survive the night, Tony and Puss both pull out their Glocks and riddle the young would-be assassin with bullets.

Unbeknownst to them, someone saw them in the area and reports it to police, which almost lands tony with with a murder beef. But when the regular citizen realizes who he was telling the police about, he suddenly can’t recall what he saw that night.

Puss keeps the whole thing under the radar of his FBI handler, who eventually questions him about it after Matthew’s body is found.

Tony: “You’re a good kid.”

Matt: “I’m thirsty…”

Tony: “See if we got somethin’ ta drink.”

Puss: “What can I get ya? You want a Fanta? Somethin’ like that?”

Tony: “How is dat? I mean, you sure you want a diet drink? You don’t want something with some sugar in it?”

Puss: “There’s only diet…”

Matt: “It’s good.”

Tony: “You finished?”

Matt: -takes another swig- “Thank you, T.”

Tony: “Cuz that sugarless mother#$%#er. Dat’s the last f#$%@&’ drink you’re ever gonna have.”

Despite Tony’s ice cold demeanor and the way he and Puss kill young Matty, the act does weigh on him as we see later when a little kid calls for their mom and we see a flash in Tony’s mind of Matty calling for his mommy before he’s shot. But he shakes it off, and keeps going.

Richie Aprile Murder – S2E12

Janice Soprano – SIG Sauer P226

This was one of the more surprising deaths on the show. Richie Aprile, the brother of Tony’s dear friend and the former boss of the Jersey crew, Jackie Aprile, is released from prison after a long stretch at the beginning of Season 2.

He and Tony constantly butt heads and become adversaries. His release coincides with the return of his once-hippie sister Janice, who has been living in Seattle for a number of years. Tony resents her. agreat deal as he was her younger brother and she left him to deal with their mother when he was just a kid.

Janice and Richie begin seeing each other (they had some kind of thing together back in the day) and eventually get engaged, much to Tony’s annoyance. Until they can move into a giant new house, they’re living at Livia Soprano’s house as Janice takes care of her.

When Richie is forced to lay down to Tony over a business matter that will severely effect his income, he punches Janice for the first time ever in a fit of quiet anger. Something snaps in Janice. She walks off screen, retrieves a SIG P226 that is either Richie’s or her own gun, and simply shoots him in the chest.

Janice shoots Richie with a SIG P226 in a fit of rage after he hits her, right before they were to be married. (top right) Tony checks his own Glock 19 before going into the house when Janice calls him to come over, indicating the state of their relationship at the time.
Janice shoots Richie with a SIG P226 in a fit of rage after he hits her, right before they were to be married. (top right) Tony checks his own Glock 19 before going into the house when Janice calls him to come over, indicating the state of their relationship at the time.

Richie falls from his chair, badly wounded but still alive, looking as surprised as the audience did the first time they saw it.

Realizing that she can’t turn back now, Janice takes a step forward and fires another shot into his head, killing him. Then she makes a blubbering call to Tony who has to go over there and call in Christopher and Furio to help him get rid of Richie’s body and car, which involves a grisly trip the Satriale’s Pork Store, as Tony gets his sister cleaned up and on a bus back to the West coast.

I was always struck by the sound of the gunshots in this scene. They have an almost metallic clang to them under a low boom as if you can hear the slide. They’re not loud enough, but they sound very final.

Sal Bonpensiero Execution – S2E13

Paulie, Tony, and Silvio – SIG P226, Beretta 92FS, S&W 5906

In the Season 2 finale, Tony uses a bout of food poising as an excuse to search Puss’s bedroom after fever dreams make him suspicious of his longtime friend. He finds the recording equipment he’s been using to make tapes for the FBI hidden in a humidor. After convincing him to get on a boat with Paulie and Silvio, they ride out into the ocean and confront Puss, who admits to being an informant.

In a gut wrenching scene, all three men pull 9mm pistols and shoot Puss almost at the same time.

Paulie, Tony, and Sil open up on Puss with three different handguns.
Paulie, Tony, and Sil open up on Puss with three different handguns.

Tony has a SIG Sauer P226, Paulie uses a Beretta 92FS, and Sil has an S&W 5946.

Once dead, Paulie strips him of any jewelry that could be used to identify the body. They wrap the body in a tarp and chains, weight it, and throw him into the ocean before making a grim ride back to shore. It’s something that haunts Tony and Sil for a long time to come.

Mustang Sally Hit – S3E5

Bobby Bacala Sr. – SIG Sauer P225

While he wasn’t a major character by any means, in fact, he’s only in this one episode, the murder of Mustang Sally (Brian Tarantina) is a pivotal moment for Bobby Bacala (Steven R. Schirripa) and his family.

Sally is a real hothead. He’s having an argument with his girlfriend on the sidewalk as Vito Spattafore’s brother is standing by his contracting truck. She walks away from Sally and asks him if he can give her a ride. In a fit of weird jealous rage, Sally retrieves a golf club from his car and beats the innocent contractor into a coma, not knowing who his brother is.

Sally hides out at his brother’s place and reaches out to Bobby Bacala Sr. (Burt Young), who is his godfather, asking if he can help him out. Bobby Sr. doesn’t like Sally at all, so he tells Tony he’ll take him out because he can get close. This is when we find out that Bobby’s father is a legendary mob hitman. Tony calls him “The Terminator” later in the series. He’s also dying of lung cancer.

Old Man Bacala sneaks up on Mustang Sally with his SIG P225.
Old Man Bacala sneaks up on Mustang Sally with his SIG P225.

Junior: “What do you expect? He smoked them Camels since he was in short pants.”

Bobby freaks out and asks Junior to convince Tony to change his mind because he’s too sick, but Tony doesn’t budge, and besides, Bobby’s father wants to do it.

Old Man Bacala gains easy access to Sally and makes him think he’s getting him a pass on what he did to Vito’s brother. Just as he’s about to shoot Sally in the back, the guy he’s staying with comes in the room and says something. Bacala shoots him, and then gets into a struggle with Sally, which the older sick man eventually wins when he shoot’s Sally in the head point blank, before killing off the other guy and leaving the bloody scene.

Old Man Bacala struggles with Mustang Sally (top) and Sally earlier with his S&W Model 10.
Old Man Bacala struggles with Mustang Sally (top) and Sally earlier with his S&W Model 10.

He takes one of the dead men’s Marlboro Lights and fires it up, despite his horrible cough. Ironically, he has a terrible coughing fit while driving away from the murder scene, has a heart attack, and crashes into a pole dead.

His death devastates Bobby and prompts Junior to finally admit that he’s battling stomach cancer. It’s worth nothing the guest performance from Burt Young as Bobby Bacala Sr. in this episode is just flat-out amazing.

Jackie Aprile Jr. Hit – S3E13

Vito Spatafore – Unknown Pocket Pistol

Poor Jackie Jr. (Jason Cerbone), he just couldn’t get out of his own way. Tony felt he had to protect Jackie Jr. because of a promise he made to his father before he died of cancer. Then Jackie started dating his daughter, Meadow, and Tony became more interested in what exactly he’s up to.

Despite being warned off and even beaten by Tony, Jackie Jr. insisted on trying to be a half-assed gangster with none of his father’s brains or wits to rely on.

One night, Ralphie (Joe Pantoliano), tells Jackie Jr. and his friend a story about how Tony, Puss, and his father got on the fast track to being made.

They knocked over a card game run by this old school gangster named Feech Lamana to show they had guts. Nobody got hurt and they returned the money, but it won them respect and led to them being made at a fairly young age.

Christopher and Ally Boy prepare to shoot Dino Zerilli. Chris is using a prop non-gun in this scene.
Christopher and Ally Boy prepare to shoot Dino Zerilli. Chris is using a prop non-gun in this scene.

So Jackie Jr. gets it in his head that he should do the same thing. So he and his friends snort some crank and rob a card game Ralphie owns, armed to the teeth. But when they burst in wearing ski masks, they see a bunch of made guys are at the game, including Christopher and Furio Junta (Federico Castelluccio).

They panic, but go ahead trying to collect the money. Jackie can’t keep his cool, and he winds up shooting the game’s dealer for talking too much. The gangsters return fire, killing one of his buddies. In the exchange, Furio takes a bullet to the leg.

When he hears the gunshots, their wheelman freaks out and rabbits, leaving his friends behind. Jackie carjacks a woman as soon as he comes out of the building and speeds off in her car, leaving his surviving buddy behind in the street, where he is gunned down by Christopher and Ally Boy.

The gun Chris has in this scene is a non-gun that sort of looks like the Walther he was carrying when he got shot. He draws it from a crouch, indicating he pulls it from an ankle holster.

The strange pocket pistol Vito uses to kill Jackie Jr.
The strange pocket pistol Vito uses to kill Jackie Jr.

In fact, Christopher almost always seems to prefer an ankle holster. We see him carrying a Smith & Wesson Model 38 Bodyguard revolver in an ankle holster in S2E7 when talking to John Favreau (playing himself). That’s the episode before he uses the Walther PPK to defend himself from Sean and Matt. We again see him carrying on his ankle when he’s in the car with Paulie.

Paulie makes suspicious move and Chris reaches for his gun, but doesn’t pull it as there is no real threat. And of course, when he and Tony engage in an impromptu wine heist, Chris has a Glock 19 in an ankle holster…a pretty substantial firearm for that kind of carry.

The ankle holster seems to be his EDC, but when when Chris plans on doing some shooting he brings something bigger and usually carries it in the back of his waistband.

In S3E9, we see that Tony also carries a gun in an ankle holster, at least occassionally. Gloria Trillo (Annabella Sciorra) finds a Smith & Wesson Model 60 with a bobbed hammer and black rubber grips strapped to his left ankle.

After the robbery, Jackie Jr. goes into hiding in a housing project in Boonton, NJ. Tony puts the responsibility of deciding how he is dealt with on Ralph, who sends Vito Spatafore to whack him. Vito simply comes up behind him in the street outside the building where he’s hiding and shoots him once in the head with a strange looking pocket pistol that might just be a prop gun. Jackie’s body falls in a pile of dirty, and now pink, snow.

Det. Lt. Barry Haydu (Ret.) Execution – S4E1

Christopher Moltisanti – Glock 19

At the outset of Season 4, Tony decides to make some changes in how he does business to help insulate himself from indictment. He tells his psychiatrist, Dr. Melfi, that there are only three ways a guy in his position can wind up: dead (prematurely), in prison, or he can get old quietly by only giving orders through one or two people he trusts implicitly. And he decided one of them has to be family, so he chooses his nephew Christopher to be his mouthpiece.

As part of the first step to grooming him for the new role, Tony does something kind of insidious that’s one of the most debated events from the show to draw Christopher to him.

Tony takes Christopher on a mysterious drive and has him park in front of a roadside restaurant. He tells him that the man who shot and killed his father is in that restaurant and that he’s a police officer retiring from the Clifton Police Department as a Detective Lieutenant. As a patrolman, to help pay off his gambling debts, he did hits for the mob, one of them being the retribution murder of Christopher’s father, Dickie, commissioned by Gilly Ruffalo.

Christopher points his S&W 5946 at Haydu in his home.
Christopher points his S&W 5946 at Haydu in his home.

The thing is, the way Gandolfini plays the scene, it can easily be inferred that Tony is lying and that the cop in the restaurant is not the man who killed Dickie—that he’s just making up the entire thing to manipulate Christopher. Or maybe he’s just laying it on really thick and taking advantage of opportune timing, or maybe it’s possible that the cop did kill Dickie, but he’s not sure.

Tony then gives Christopher Det. Lt. Barry Haydu’s (Tom Mason) home address where Christopher waits for him to return. When he does, Chris hits him over the head with his S&W 5946, which might be the same gun he shot Mikey Palmice with.

When he wakes up, Christopher kills him with his own police-issue Glock 19 that he finds in a shoulder holster. He then plants the handgun in Haydu’s hand in an attempt to make it look like a suicide.

Christopher even acknowledges the fact that Tony could be lying when he tells Haydu that it doesn’t really matter if he did it or not, because Tony wants him dead.

Tony “Tony B” Blundetto Hit – S5E13

Tony Soprano – Ithaca 37 Shotgun

When Tony’s cousin Tony Blundetto (Steve Buscemi) is released from prison after about a decade behind bars, he has a lot of mixed emotions.

We find out that they were very close growing up and that Tony B. was pinched during a truck hijacking that Tony was also supposed to be present for. However, Tony had a bad argument with his mother and had an early panic attack, causing him to pass out and crack his head. He told people he was jumped and beaten, but lived with the deception since Tony B went away.

Tony uses an Ithaca 37 pump action shotgun to kill his cousin Tony B on the porch of Uncle Pat's farm.
Tony uses an Ithaca 37 pump action shotgun to kill his cousin Tony B on the porch of Uncle Pat’s farm.

Because of this, Tony coddles his cousin a bit and gives him a lot of responsibility as soon as he asks for it, but Tony B has a lot of demons from his time in prison.

Eventually, Tony B does some things that put Tony in a terrible spot, to the point where members of one of the New York families threaten to kill someone in place of Tony B if Tony won’t give him up. If Tony does that, he knows they will torture his cousin before he dies. To avoid this, Tony elects to kill his cousin himself, surprising him at his hideout with an Ithaca 37 shotgun.

Tony then calls the people who wanted him dead with the location of the body.

Junior Shoots Tony – S6E1

Corrado Soprano – Smith & Wesson Model 36

At the outset of Season 6, Tony is leaning hard into his vices, though his marriage has returned to normalcy and he is being more faithful than he used to be.

The first episode ends with a shocking turn of events. Junior is suffering the effects of dementia and is forgetting more and more and getting very confused at times. Tony comes over to keep an eye on him one night because he’s not feeling well and Junior doesn’t recognize him. He decides he’s an old nemesis and cowers upstairs as Tony cooks him dinner.

Junior shoots Tony with an old S&W Model  36 revolver.
Junior shoots Tony with an old S&W Model 36 revolver.

When Tony yells to tell him it’s almost ready, Junior comes down with a snubby S&W Model 36 and shoots Tony square in the center of his body, high in the gut. In enormous pain, Tony tries to grab the phone in the living room, but ends up falling and ripping the cord out of the wall (it’s established in a previous scene that his cell phone has died, which is why he doesn’t use that). Then he goes for the wall phone in the kitchen. He manages to dial 911, but then passes out.

Tony spends the next couple episodes in a coma, clinging to life, and Junior lives in a series of mental facilities from then until the end of the show.

The Bobby Bacala Hit – S6E20

Phil Leotardo’s Hitmen – Glock 19 Pistols

Bobby Bacala (Steven R. Schirripa) is the last major assassination of the show—that we see on screen anyway.

In the first episode of the season it’s established that Bobbys hobby is model trains. He has a large setup in his garage and Tony actually catches him playing with his trains, complete with wearing an engineer’s cap.

In this episode, we see Bobby in a toy store, negotiating over the price of a classic model train called The Blue Comet, which is modeled after the train that once traveled the line between New York City and Atlantic City.

Two hitmen come up behind him and empty their Glock 19s into him until his body collapses on a large model train set, crushing it.

BONUS: The AR-10 Bobby Gives Tony in “Soprano Home Movies”

In S6E13, which is titled Soprano Home Movies, Bobby gives Tony an Armalite AR-10 for his 47th birthday that has been modified to fire in full auto. He describes it saying, “800 rounds per… Panther-fluted barrel.”

Despite what Bobby says it appears to be a DPMS rifle, which might explain the “panther” line. If you zoom in on it, the gun looks to possibly be an AR-15 with a modified magazine made to look like an AR-10. He and Bobby fire it off in the woods by the Bacala lake house and Tony keeps the rifle when he goes into hiding after Bobby is killed.

Tony fires the AR-10 Bobby Bacala gave him as a birthday present.
Tony fires the AR-10 Bobby Bacala gave him as a birthday present. The DPMS Mangonel folding iron sights are a strange design, but they are in the “up” or deployed position here, and possibly co-witnessed with the red dot.

In that episode, the gun indeed appears to be an actual AR-10. Likely two different prop guns were used, as it is not fired in the later episode. Tony has also apparently removed the Aimpoint optic and the vertical grip and has installed a bipod.

Here are all the parts on the gun as Bobby gave it to Tony:

  • VLTOR E-MOD stock
  • Crimson Trace VF-302M
  • UTG rail covers
  • Aimpoint M2 optic
  • UTG bipod (the mount is shown in S6E13, but the bipod is not seen installed until S6E21
  • DPMS Mangonel iron sights
  • Falcon Industries ERGO Tactical Deluxe Grip