We spent hours scouring the bays of the Boulder City Rifle and Pistol Club at this year’s Industry Day at the Range—or as we simply call it, Range Day—shooting all the hot new firearms and ammo we could get our hands on, and even a couple air powered arrow slingers. I know, poor us. Well you get to follow along with this smash cut of the 21 of the coolest new firearms released this year, and look for lots more coverage on them in the following days.

We take everything for a spin, from the reborn Colt Python with one of the best double-action triggers Joe Albanese and I have ever pulled and the uncanny KRISS Vector .22LR carbine, which shoots like it’s never heard of felt recoil, to Federal Ammunition’s new HammerDown line of innovative lever gun ammo engineered in conjunction with Henry Repeating Rifles and a new quick release brace from FLUX for the SIG Sauer P320/M17 pistol.

—video by Joseph Albanese