Springfield Armory is going big when it comes to getting small with the introduction of the SAINT Edge EVAC pistol.

Chambered in 5.56, the AR-style handgun features a removable barrel and handguard assembly, along with a folding buttstock to minimize its footprint.

The SAINT Edge EVAC features a proprietary patent-pending ratchet barrel tackedown system that ensures everything is tight and secured without the use of tools.

When broken down the pistol fits in a compact carrying case, with room to spare for accessories such as magazines. You can see how it works below.

Though we got a chance to shoot it at Industry Day at the Range before SHOT Show 2020 in January, the official specs have not been released yet, so there’s still some guessing to be done.

What we do know is that it’s fitted with a Gear Head Works Tailhook MOD 1 side-folding pistol brace and that it seemed to have a barrel less than 10 inches.

The takedown concept isn’t new, but it hasn’t been widely applied to the AR platform—though there have been some folding ARs to hit the market with debatable success. But that ratcheting barrel takedown system could make all the difference and make the SAINT EVAC a real success.

Look for the SAINT EVAC in gun stores this spring. All this convenience comes at a cost, with a suggested retail price of $1,949, the SAINT EVAC is on the higher end of the pistol market.

video by Joe Albanese