The Students for the Second Amendment Club at the University of Delaware purchase ammunition at a Cabela’s in Delaware. (left to right) Matthew Tuszynski, Zoe Callaway, Andrew Lipman, Aaron Cooper, Tyler Yzaguirre, Tyler Wittlinger, Brandon Collins and Kenny Paul. photo from

People who realize how important gun rights are to the idea of America live in every corner of the nation, and one group of students at the University of Delaware is doing what it can to promote the Second Amendment and gun safety.

Last week, Tyler Yzaguirre, president of UDel’s The Students for the Second Amendment Society, bought $500 worth of ammunition at a local Cabela’s with money allocated by his school, according to this story on The group is nonpartisan and has no affiliation to any national group, the story says.

“Within our club’s constitution, it says to teach students responsible firearm ownership and we have to do this by learning how to load, shoot, and aim a firearm,” Yzaguirre said in the story. “One of the components of that is buying ammunition.”

Any student is allowed to join, but members must use their own firearms. The university doesn’t allow the possession, storage, or use of firearms on its campus, nor does it allow ammo to be stored on university property, said Andrea Boyle Tippett in the story, who added that the group went through appropriate channels for funding.

The club has received backlash and support, the story says, with some students saying they shouldn’t be allowed to have guns or university funding.

“Students can’t have firearms on campus. They don’t let us buy firearms with university money,” Yzaguirre said. “Hell, we can’t even store ammo on campus.”

He said he hopes to change that by having the listing for ammo as hazardous material on campus changed.

“Why should students need to keep their ammunition somewhere else when they want to go to the firing range?” Yzaguirre said in the story. “People don’t understand: Ammunition is useless without a firearm, and some nut isn’t going to come on campus looking in college dorms for ammunition.”