Suppressor Business Quietly Getting Huge

CNN Money has reported that firearm suppressor sales are going through the roof.

The number of registered silencers surged by 38 percent from 571,750 licenses in March 2014 to 792,282 licenses in February 2015, according to the most recent figures form the ATF.

Josh Waldon, CEO of Utah-based SilencerCo, told CNN his company has nearly doubled its workforce in the past year to 215 employees, and added more machinery to help complete its backlog of orders. The company has been logging record sales every month, the story says.

It certainly helps that several states have loosened their restrictions on suppressors for ownership and hunting. They are now legal in 41 states, whereas they were only legal in 37 states four years ago. The firearms industry has also responded to the growing popularity of suppressors, releasing firearm models that make them easier for the average shooter to attach with no gunsmithing, like this recently released Springfield XDM with a threaded barrel.

However, acquiring a suppressor is a process. A buyer has to mail or fax a photo and fingerprints to the ATF and pay $200 for a special tax stamp. The approval process then usually takes around nine months. Then you have to actually buy the suppressor, which cost from $300 to nearly $2,000. (Here's a guide on how to purchase one.)

SilencerCo offers a service called EasyTrust for $130 that cuts down the process to about five months by using lawyers to secure approvals quicker. They say 3,000 people have used the service since it launched in April, the story said.