According to results of a new poll released Thursday, more Americans than ever report having a gun in their home.

This story from says a survey conducted by the Wall Street Journal and NBC News of 1,200 adults found 48 percent said they or somebody else in their household owned a gun—which is 3 percent higher than when the same question was asked a year ago.

It represents an increase of 9 percent since the same question was asked in 2011.

The story says the United States Census Bureau estimates there are 249,454,440 adults currently living in America. If the survey results are an accurate representation of the country’s population as a whole, it means there are 119,738,131 Americans with at least one gun in their home.

The NRA commented on the survey results, saying that while gun ownership in the United States is inherently difficult to measure, the poll counters the notion that gun ownership is slowly fading.

“Throughout their many failures, gun control advocates have comforted themselves with their belief that gun ownership is falling and that they will be able to achieve their policy goals once the number of gun owners sufficiently dwindles,” the gun-rights group’s lobbying arm, NRA-ILA, wrote on its website.

“Polling data on gun ownership rates is inherently suspect. Gun ownership is a personal decision, and given the politically charged nature of the topic and government efforts to restrict gun rights, some gun owners are reluctant to share this personal information with strangers. This could result in polling that underreports gun ownership. Other research further suggests that female spouses living in gun-owning households tend to underreport firearm ownership. “Despite the difficulty in obtaining an accurate measurement of gun ownership, gun control advocates have been quick to boast of any new poll that shows a decline in gun-owning households. It’s unlikely they’ll exhibit the same response to the WSJ/NBC poll’s findings.”

The NRA was also critical of the fact that these poll results went largely unreported in the mainstream media.

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