S&W's New PC Model 686 with Speed Release: SHOT Show Quick Look

This target gun has an extended thumbpiece left of the hammer that releases the cylinder for faster reloads.

Smith & Wesson PC Model 686 with speed-release thumbpiece
The new Smith & Wesson PC Model 686 with the new speed-release thumbpiece in .357 Magnum / .38 Special +P.photo by Dave Maccar

New for this year, Smith & Wesson has updated it's popular Model 686 revolver, replacing the typical cylinder release with a large lever with a checkered thumbpiece that sits just to the left of the hammer. It allows the shooter to release the cylinder without shifting their grip at all, making for speedy tactical reloads. With it's large orange front blade sight, the new 686 is a natural for competition shooters, and would make for a formidable night stand gun as well.

The .357 Magnum / .38 Special +P revolver comes in two configurations, the PC Model 686 with a 4-inch barrel and a 6-round cylinder, and the PC Model 686 Plus, which has a 6-inch barrel and a slightly larger frame that houses a 7-round cylinder. MSRP: $966

the cylinder release lever on the new PC Model 686.
A closer look at the cylinder release lever on the new PC Model 686.photo by Dave Maccar