When it comes to military arms these days, the big words are modularity and adaptability, as we’ve seen with the U.S. Army’s recent selection of the modular SIG-Sauer P320 as its new sidearm.

According to this press release, Ritter & Stark GmbH plan to exhibit their SX-1 Modular Tactical Rifle, a long-range shooting platform that shares many of the ideas behind the P320.

The Austrian-based firearms design and manufacturing company will be showing off the new gun at IDEX in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates from February 19-23. The show is the only international defense event in the Middle Eastern and North African (MENA) region where companies demonstrate the latest technologies for land, sea, and air defense sectors.

A release from the company says the SX-1 MTR is a rifle that can be customized to fit the mission as well as the user, delivers punishing performance and accuracy, and is the ideal weapon platform for military and law enforcement agencies, as well as for serious competitors and shooters.

The rifle can easily change calibers among a .308 Win, .300 Win. Mag., and a .338 Lapua Magnum.

A key design feature, as you can see from the photos, is the MIL-STD 1913 Picatinny rail that’s installed directly on the barrel, allowing the user to interchange barrels with pre-set scopes and not lose their zero.

From the release:

“The patented caliber conversion system assures that the barrel is precisely positioned in the machined aluminum receiver, allowing for a greater area of contact, resulting in increased stability. The bolt also locks directly into the barrel breech, which gives the SX-1 MTR unprecedented accuracy.”

The rifle also features a telescoping, side-folding stock with 2.4 inches of adjustment, with an adjustable cheek rest that makes it extremely portable when not in use. The stock also features a rail section for the attachment of a monopod.

It also includes a forend with a top rail and allows for the attachment of more rail sections via M-LOK or M5 screws. The octagonal cross section enables the handguard to accept accessories in 45-degree steps.

The rifle weighs between 12.8 lbs. and 13.7 lbs. depending on caliber. An ultralight model will weigh between 11.25 lbs. and 11.9 lbs.

The rifle can also utilize different aftermarket magazines, triggers, and grips—making it attractive to law enforcement agencies, military operators, and serious long-range shooters.