In October we told you about the American Sniper Shootout that pitted Taya Kyle, the wife of the late Chris Kyle, against the reigning NRA World Shooting Champion, Bruce Piatt. The competition took place on December 5 and the results are in: Taya, using the TrackingPoint rifle, was the victor.

As Taya has stated, she is not a professional marksman nor is she a competitive shooter, yet using a TrackingPoint targeting system that uses lasers to lock on to targets and will only fire a round when the shot is perfectly aligned, she was able to outshoot the pro sniper, winning $1 million for the Chris Kyle Frog Foundation, a support network for veterans and active duty military personnel.

As the video above states, Chris Kyle was instrumental in the conception of the TrackingPoint rifle system.

The competition took place in Central Texas using a battle-like scenario with exploding cars and other pyrotechnics, according to this story from

Using the TrackingPoint tech, Kyle was able to outshoot Piatt, even at a distance of 2100 yards. That’s the same distance from which Kyle’s husband took his famous record sniper shot in Iraq, which was depicted in the film “American Sniper,” though it occurred under different circumstances, according to Kyle’s book of the same title.

TrackingPoint, which has been struggling financially in recent months, is using this as an opportunity to relaunch their technology and show it has battlefield applications in the 21st century.

You can check out a video of the shoot here.