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Open carry has been legal in Texas since January 1, for the first time since the end of the Civil War. Gun control advocates had plenty of doom to spout leading up to the law’s inaction, but this story from says things in the Austin area “have been conspicuously calm.”

Critics said the new law would usher in a modern-day Wild West, but the story says only two 911 calls have been made to Austin area police regarding open carry since the law took effect, and neither resulted in criminal charges.

“It’s kind of funny, and it was hard for me to not chuckle when I heard the same stupid arguments I heard years and years ago,” said Suzanna Hupp, a former Texas House member who was at the forefront of the movement to pass concealed carry laws in 1995, the story says.

The story says Austin police focused on educating their personnel about how the new law works, including call takers at the 911 center.

One of the 911 calls mentioned resulted from two men getting into a heated argument in a restuarant. One of them was carrying a pistol openly in a holster. That is about as far as it went.

The other call came from a worker at a grocery store which has banned open carry at all its locations.

Still, some people just get nervous when it comes to seeing people carrying firearms openly.

The story quotes Mike Cox, a rancher who teaches a concealed carry handgun course, who says he supports open carry, but would only do it on his property when it makes sense.

“It’s just going to invite conversations with morons,” Cox said. “I’m not trying to talk them into my perspective on this one. I would never open carry just because I don’t want to deal with that.”