We reported earlier this week that the number of female and minority gun owners is continuing to grow as well as the number of women who are obtaining concealed carry permits.

This story from says that one Georgia-based firearms instructor wants to make sure black women who own guns know how to use them, and she won’t stop until she’s trained a cool million.

The story says Marchell Tigner, owner of Trigger happy Firearm Instruction in Georgia, is a survivor of sexual assault and domestic abuse. She has made it her personal mission to provide training to 1 million women.

“It’s important, especially for black women, to learn how to shoot. We need to learn how to defend ourselves,” Tigner says in the story. She noted that black women are statistically more likely to become victims of domestic violence.

Tigner spent seven years in the National Guard and later worked at a gun range before she stated her company last year after noticing a lack of representation in the gun community for black women.

“Sometimes it’s hard to believe you can do something until you see someone who looks like you in that position,” Tigner says.

Classes include instruction with dummy guns on safety, stance, grip, and handling followed by live-fire instruction on the range.

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