The Today Show on NBC has launched a new segment called “Undercovered.” It’s about, you guessed it, issues that aren’t getting enough coverage in the mainstream media, as requested by viewers. Their first story reported on the next generation of gun owners.

Reporter Ronan Farrow went to Houston, Texas to hang out with some people who embrace the shooting lifestyle at the upscale Athena Gun Club, which looks more like an Apple Store than an indoor shooting range, and calls the upcoming, social-media savvy generation of gun owners “Guns 2.0.”

One couple at Athena said they were there on a date night. Another young shooter said he comes for the community aspect of the club. “You just come here, you meet people, you talk about your next purchase. It’s better than going out and having a drink on a Friday night,” he said.

Farrow also traveled to the Best of the West outdoor shooting range near Austin, Texas, where he talked to Omalika Lipp, a 26-year-old gun owner.

The Athena Gun Club in Houston, Texas.

“I think a lot of the older generations were introduced to (shooting) out of necessity,” Lipp says. “But for us, it’s more of something we found on our own, either from watching a YouTube video or playing a video game.”

Nick Leghorn, 27, says video games got him into guns and shooting.

“I loved video games and I loved the shooter games but what really interested me wasn’t necessarily hitting a target, but figuring out how (guns) worked,” Leghorn said.

Internet video trick shooter Kirsten Joy Weiss had only bright things to say about the youngest guns in the shooting world.


“I think this new generation of gun owners, we’re passionate, we’re connected, we’re welcoming and you’re welcome to come to the range with us and just shoot and try it,” she said.

Watch the whole piece here.