Kelly McGinnis
Actress Kelly McGinnis was assaulted in her North Carolina home this week.

Kelly McGillis, an actress known for her high-profile roles in the 1980s films, Top Gun, The Accused, and Witness, says she plans to apply for a concealed carry permit after she was assaulted by an intruder in her North Carolina home on June 17, according to this story from Fox News.

“Upon entering the house, I notice (sic) a pair of girls pink sandals and a black larger pair,” McGillis wrote in a Facebook post. The story says McGillis, 58, thought her daughter might be home and called to her.

“(But then) a stranger, a woman, came barreling down the hallway and began yelling at me,” she writes. “I asked her who she is and why she was in my house and she said ‘you know why you’ve been stalking me on Twitter.’ Not true.’”

McGillis, concerned the intruders may have found the guns and ammunition she keeps in her home, ran out the front door and called 911, the story says. That’s when the intruder attacked her “punching and scratching (me) trying to grab the phone out of my hand. I began screaming as loud as I could, hoping someone somewhere might hear me.”

She managed to set her car alarm off as the fighting continued. She was able to break away from the intruder and got to her truck and drove off. She flagged down another driver who called 911 for her.

Apparently, the smaller pair of sandals McGinnis saw belonged to a child accompanying 38-year-old Laurence Marie Dorn, presumably her daughter (though the story doesn’t make that clear). Dorn was arrested and charged with second-degree burglary, misdemeanor larceny, misdemeanor stalking, assault and battery, and interfering with emergency communications. She is being held on $60,000 bond, the story says.

McGillis was left “scratched and bruised” but is “very thankful it turned out well.”

“But who I feel heartache for is the little girl that was with her. Mental illness takes many hostages. I don’t know her name…but I would like to ask that you pray for her and her mother,” she wrote.

In a later post, the actress answered some questions and laid out her plans to arm herself on the regular:

“I thank you all for your warm thoughts and love,” she writes. “I’m still a bit shook up and struggling with some residual fear. I do have an alarm. I was complacent and didn’t set it after living here four years and having nothing happen. My bad. She broke my in the (sic) garage window and called (sic) through by stacking 10 bags of mulch. She threw dog food all over the kitchen floor to distract the dogs. I have three. Honestly they seemed really freaked out by the whole thing. I have decided to get a conceal and carry permit. And you can be sure I will be setting the alarm from here on out.”

McGillis gained prominence for her role in the 1988 film, The Accused, which was based on a real-life gang rape that occurred in 1983 in a Massachusetts bar. McGillis herself was the victim of sexual assault in 1982 when two men broke into her New York City apartment and proceeded to rape and beat her at knifepoint. You can read the People story about her harrowing ordeal here.