The Trump 45 from Cabot Guns. photo from web photo

Cabot Guns has a reputation for creating one-of-a-kind series of 1911 pistols with some jaw-dropping price tags, like this pair called the the Big Bang Pistol Set, as they’re made from a meteorite and are worth about $4.5 million—or this $35,000 handgun with grips made from a wooly mammoth tooth.

Now Cabot has gone with something more current, building a commemorative 1911 pistol that pays tribute to Donald Trump’s presidential election win.

“Merry Christmas!! We have much to be grateful for indeed. #Trump45 #PresidentElect45,” the company posted on social media Monday with the above image of a golden GI longslide 1911 with “TRUMP 45” etched into the highly polished slide.

The frame and slide are both gold-colored, and are assumedly plated. The company hasn’t released any more information on the pistol and it doesn’t appear on their website.

This post from says, “No word on if the future 45th President—a fan of gold embellishments who has shown enthusiasm for returning to the gold standard—commissioned the iconic piece or Cabot did it just because, but it’s pretty upmarket either way.”

And still, the pistol could just be a mockup done in Photoshop.

During his campaign, Trump was an outspoken proponent of Second Amendment rights, receiving a rousing endorsement from the National Rifle Association. He has also voiced support for the passage of a National Concealed Carry Reciprocity law.

Before the election, Trump announced the formation of the Second Amendment Coalition, a pro-gun advocacy group with the goal of garnering more gun owners’ votes. Consisting of 62 co-chairs ranging from Olympic athletes like Kim Rhode to gun manufacturers, the group will advise Trump on firearms issues into his presidency.