This post from the r/Firearms subReddit brings up a disturbing example of exactly how anti-gun propaganda makes its way into the mainstream media.

The screenshot in the post is of a TV news report that throws up a graphic making some outlandish claims out the frequency of mass shootings, which we’ve all seen in one form or another before…but it’s the source they attribute the data to that is most concerning.

The news channel credits the stats to another subReddit: r/GunsAreCool. Despite the name, the sub is actually a staunchly anti-gun sub that help disseminate some of the most aggressive anti-Second Amendment rhetoric.

The name appears to be intentionally chosen to confuse and misdirect people, though it can also be seen as sarcastic.

When a TV news report uses information it obtains from a random subReddit as valid data…it’s the equivalency of citing Wikipedia as an official source in a formal research paper, just more irresponsible and damaging.