You might see the term pop up more and more as you read articles in gun magazines and on websites: the New York Reload. What’s it mean?

This video below shows you exactly what it means and where the name came from.

A New York Reload is the transition from a primary firearm that is out of ammunition to a fully-loaded backup weapon.

If you carry a backup pistol in addition to your primary handgun, or even routinely carry a long gun with a holstered handgun, this is a drill you should practice. Here’s where some cheap airsoft guns of realistic dimensions and weight or plastic practice guns can be of great value, as you don’t want to repeatedly drop a real gun on the floor, even a carpet, if you don’t have to.

But, if all you have is the real thing, you can practice over the foot of your bed, dropping the gun on the mattress. They use hay bails in the video. The hardest thing is getting over the ingrained repulsion toward dropping a firearm.

The motion begins with firing the primary gun empty. Immediately let it fall as you move to draw your backup weapon, whether you carry it on your strong or weak side. Draw the gun, get it on target, and fire.

The drill will help your draw form in general and build that muscle memory for carrying two guns, or for any situation where you might be holding something and need to quickly drop it and draw your weapon without bumbling the action.