Every government agency or law enforcement entity that arms their personnel has some kind of qualifying range test that must be passed.Federal agencies and branches of the military require their recruits to pass some of the toughest range tests out there.This is a collection of videos showing various handgun qualifiers from different U.S. government agencies and military branches from handgun instructor Tom McHale. Each one guides you through the test and provides some advice for succesfully completing it on your own.The best part is, when it comes to equipment and gear, you don’t need much more than a range and the right target.

Can You Pass the FBI Pistol Qualification?

fbi qualification
The test includes 8 stages at ranges between 3 and 25 yards. See if you have what it takes…

Shoot Like an Air Marshal

air marshall qualification teaser

Shoot the DHS Qualification Test

dhs qualification test
Do you have what it takes to qualify for the Department of Homeland Security with a handgun?