More than 100 protesters gathered in front of the University of Georgia Arch on Wednesday night to speak out against the state’s new “campus carry” bill, claiming they won’t be satisfied with anything but a “gun-free” campus.

According to this story from, House Bill 859 would allow anyone 21 or older, with a concealed carry permit, to carry a firearm onto university campuses, Greek houses, and athletic events. It does not permit guns in residence halls (dorms).

“When I ran for president of the student body, one of my platform points was to ensure students’ sense of security and students’ physical security. This House Bill 859 contradicts my platform points and contradicts all the students’ safety on this campus,” said Student Government Association President Johnelle Simpson at the arch. He wants Gov. Nathan Deal to veto the bill, which has been approved by both the state House and Senate, the story says.

UGA senior Brian Springsted said he’s a gun owner, but said in the story he doesn’t think firearms belong on a college campus, and that they should be used for recreational shooting and hunting only.

“The majority of people on campus do not want guns in the classroom,” he said.

School representatives also complained that they have to foot the bill for implementing the new law if it is signed by the governor.

According to, the following states currently allow campus carry: Arkansas, Colorado, Idaho, Mississippi, Oregon, Texas, Utah, and Wisconsin. A bill currently being considered in Kansas may add that state to the list as well.

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