Judge Orders D.C. to Issue CCW Permits Immediately
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A few days ago we told you how U.S. District Judge Frederick J. Scullin Jr. ruled in a lawsuit that Washington D.C.’s concealed carry laws are unconstitutional because they required gun owners to demonstrate a “good reason” in order to receive a concealed carry permit.

The ruling meant the city had to stop enforcing this provision and begin issuing permits, based on a lawsuit filed by three gun owners.

City officials filed a document soon after, asking Scullin to stay his ruling and allow the city to continue enforcing the provision during the appeal process, according to this story from

On May 28, Scullin denied the request for a stay, meaning D.C. must immediately begin issuing permits without a “good reason” requirement, according to this story on

The Second Amendment Foundation (SAF) represented the plaintiffs in the lawsuit. “The Second Amendment Foundation is pleased that the court ruled immediately against the city and has forced them to start issuing carry permits,” said SAF founder and executive vice president Alan M. Gottlieb. “By now they should realize that when we say we will do everything in our legal power to force them to recognize that people have Second Amendment rights, we mean it.”