Use AR Stocks and Grips on your Remington 870

This new adapter from ERGO lets you fit your favorite AR buttstocks and pistol grips to any 20-gauge 870 pump shotgun.

new adapter from ERGO
This new adapter from ERGO lets you attach AR stocks and grips to your 20 gauge Remington 870 shotgun.ERGO

The AR-platform is extremely popular because of its modular design, with a number of aftermarket parts available for those that want to customize them—and part of what makes owning a Remington 870 so much fun is that there is a broad aftermarket parts market that lets you customize your pump gun almost any way you want. And thanks to ERGO's new shotgun stock adapter, you can use some of your favorite AR accessories on your 20 gauge Remington 870 shotgun.

This adapter, constructed of impact/temperature/chemical resistant fiber-reinforced polymer, accommodates both mil-spec and commercial buffer tube accessories.

You can use your favorite AR-style pistol grips with the included ¼-20 screw. For the shorty Remington TAC-14 in 20 gauge, this means you can add an AR pistol brace to the shotgun and it still remains a non-NFA firearm.

ERGO recommends a price of only $39, so you can modify your 20 gauge 870 with a low initial investment.

new adapter from ERGO
The adapter lets you put an AR pistol brace on your Remington 870 TAC-14, while keeping it a non-NFA firearm.ERGO