The owner of Westside Armory in Las Vegas, Nevada says he knew an ad he placed in the Las Vegas Review-Journal would ruffle some feathers, but he went ahead with his “Pre-Hillary Sale” taking advantage of the strong emotions swirling around this year’s Presidential race.

The idea owner Cameron Hopkins was trying to convey is firearm prices will skyrocket if Hillary Clinton is elected president in November, due to her openly anti-gun positions.

The ad, which ran over the weekend, features a Smith & Wesson M&P Sport II rifle selling for $699, which isn’t too far off the MSRP of $739.

“Don’t wait! Prices will skyrocket after Crooked Hillary gets in!” says the ad’s copy, borrowing Republican candidate Donald Trump’s often repeated rhetoric.

In this story from, Hopkins said “It’s a little bit of tongue and cheek because the whole thing has kind of gotten ridiculous. This whole political season is so outrageous. That’s the best word I can use. Everything about this election has been outrageous.”

Though he can’t be certain, Hopkins says it’s a safe bet that gun sales and therefore prices will spike sometime between now and the election or inauguration.

Gun sales have been setting records every month going back to the beginning of 2015, with sales and stock prices of firearms manufacturers upticked hard after major calls for gun control.

This story from Business Insider says Clinton wants to reinstate the assault-weapon ban, which was originally signed by her husband Bill Clinton in 1994. Showing no real impact after a decade, it was allowed to expire in 2004.

Clinton has also said she wants to expand background checks and, on at least one occasion, commented that she would advocate a strict national gun control policy like that of Australia.

In May, the NRA endorsed Trump, who says Clinton “wants to destroy the Second Amendment.”