Every once in a while, the pyro in you has seen a campfire and a box of .22LRs and wondered what would happen if you just tossed it in and let it cook. It’s OK, you can admit it. Fortunately, you have at least a smidgen of common sense and didn’t do it, not only because ammo is expensive these days, but also because you’re still around to read this.

Thanks to YouTube, you can scratch that weird itch and watch 2,000 rounds explode (almost) all at once. The vid has zero information other than the number, but the ammo seems to be exploding in some kind of vented cylinder contraption. Once all that ammo gets to exploding temperature, the flame jets are really impressive.

When casings corrode or ammo gets too old, it becomes unreliable and sometimes dangerous and has to be destroyed. I’m assuming that’s what’s happening here in this percolator from hell.

This post on says it sounds like popcorn popping in the microwave. That’s close, but not quite it. For those old enough, or still old-school enough, to know, it sounds exactly like a tin of Jiffy Pop on the stove.