A woman in Gwinnett County, Georgia is alive and well after she courageously defended herself and a housemate from a group of armed home invaders, and footage was recorded of the entire incident, from two angles no less.

According to this story, the woman, a local restaurant manager, heard the three intruders break into the home at about 4 a.m. last Friday. The night-vision surveillance video from the home clearly shows the intruders armed with handguns.

In the video, we see the men switch on a few lights and look through the kitchen, they decide to move deeper into the house. Then we see the armed woman engage the suspects while moving, firing a handgun at them.

She exchanges gunfire with the intruders as debris flies in the dark home. The intruders begin to flee as soon as shots are fired. One runs through the kitchen and reportedly crashed through a glass door. The others exited the home through the door they entered while the homeowner continues to fire, killing one of the suspects.

In a later segment by Channel 2 Action News, a reporter talked to the male occupant of the home, Ruben Mejia, and learned that the intruders actually broke into his bedroom off camera, put a gun to his head, and demanded money.

He said they checked everything in his room, looking for cash.


But luckily Ruben’s boss at the seafood company where he works, and the home’s owner (who remains unidentified), was armed in the other bedroom.

“I tried making noise, so she would wake up and call 911,” Mejia said in the story.

Apparently the woman said she called for help, but didn’t think operators had answered, so she grabbed her gun and took action.

She hit at least one of the intruders, Antonio Leaks, 28, who died of his injuries in the home’s driveway. The other two suspects escaped.

Mejia told Action News that he wanted to pursue the suspects, but didn’t know which way they ran. When he realized his boss’s gun had been fired empty, he decided to stay put.

Though the video has received international attention, police still haven’t been able to identify or locate the two remaining suspects and are offering a $2,000 reward for information in the case.

“I’m feeling OK now.” Mejia said. “I want the police to arrest these bad people.”