UPDATE 3/9/18: It appears that the ATF is investigating Karen Mallard for possibly breaking a federal law that prohibits modifying a rifle “to an overall length of less than 26 inches.”

Here’s yet another example of people who demand legal action against firearms without knowing anything about them or the current laws that govern them.

Karen Mallard, a teacher running for Congress in Virginia, posted a video on her campaign Facebook page recently that shows her, with hearing protection and a full face mask, using a power tool to gun up an AR-pattern rifle.

The problem is, her first cut shortens the barrel so much, that she commits a felony while “destroying” the gun. She doesn’t make any more cuts on camera, leaving the rifle in that state, though she later claimed she “finished the job according to regulations.”

Even though she cuts through the gas tube, the rifle could still function as a single-shot firearm, and because the barrel is now shorter than 16-inches, it’s considered a short-barreled rifle or SBR, an NFA gun which requires a special tax stamp to own. Possessing one without such a stamp is a felony.

Of course, as people began pointing this out online, headlines like “Congressional candidate must apart AR-15, draw criticism from ‘NRA trolls.” began appearing. Apparently it’s now offensive for people to demand lawmakers, and potential lawmakers, know something about the things they’re trying to ban.

Perhaps these so-called “trolls” are just frustrated with the fact that law abiding gun owners have been following the vast and complex regulations on firearms for decades, while people who have no knowledge of firearms are stepping in and acting like authorities on the topic, while committing apparent felonies.

After she first posted the video, a staff member on Mallard’s campaign took it down, but she reposted it, apparently befuddled as to why gun owners are upset.

“I took a personal stand for gun safety and I’m not backing down. A staffer took down this video to try to protect me from these vicious comments, but I’m not the one that needs protection our children do.

“And yes for all the NRA trolls out there, I finished the job according to regulation and turned it over to the police. Why are you more outraged about me taking a gun out of circulation than about our children being murdered in our schools?”

No, your staffer was trying to prevent the ATF from knocking on your door.

Additionally, she doesn’t check to see if the gun is unloaded and safe before chopping into it, at least on video, but hey…we wouldn’t want to be an “NRA troll.”

You can watch the video here: