Police in DeSoto, Texas have released the identity of a man who is alleged to have entered a local Waffle House in the early morning hours last Thursday, armed with an AK-47 rifle. One of the customers had a concealed carry permit, and the robber wasn’t counting on him getting involved.

The robbery suspect, identified in this story from as Antione Devon Cooper, 26, of Dallas. According to police, they were called to the Waffle House off I-35 East. When they arrived, they found Cooper shot in the parking lot, the story says.

Witnesses told police Cooper entered the restaurant and robbed several customers, as well as the restaurant. The patron with the carry permit had a pistol and was waiting for his wife to meet him at the restaurant. When Cooper went to the parking lot with his rifle, the customer followed him, fearing for the safety of his wife, who would be arriving any moment.

He called out to Cooper, who turned and pointed the rifle at him, police said in the story. The unidentified customer then shot Cooper several times, the story says.

The story says Cooper is currently in critical condition and on life support at a local hospital. The customer who shot him as not been arrested.

This story from says police initially couldn’t identify the robbery suspect and asked for the public’s assistance. Overnight, police positively identified the suspect as Cooper by his various tattoos.

Texas law allows a person to use deadly force when they believe their life, or the lives of others, are in danger of death or serious bodily harm, the story says.