Spot and Stalk Hunting: A Walking Stick and Rest in One

Champion Flip Monopod

To hunters, bench-top shooting rests are invaluable tools for sighting-in firearms and experimenting with loads. Anyone who has ever tried to punch a tag knows that in-the-field shot opportunities are never anything like the shots taken from a bench. Champion is helping hunters overcome this with its new Flip Monopod. Think of it as a hiking staff that transforms into a shooting stick when you need it most. Its retractable shooting yoke quickly flips open from the top of the ergonomic handle with the press of a button, providing a perfect Y-shaped rest. It also features a wrist strap, heavy-duty polymer and aluminum construction and a steel tip that digs into any terrain. It’s ideal for spot-and-stalk hunters who need to hoof it through rough country before finally putting the crosshairs on the target.