Douglas McMillon, CEO of the retail giant Walmart, has said the company isn’t going to stop selling firearms any time soon.

They were the first to announce plans this week to remove Confederate flag merchandise from its shelves after the shootings in South Carolina. The company was hailed for doing so, but was quickly pressured tos stop selling guns in response to the shooting, according to this story from CNN.

It doesn’t look like that’s going to happen.

McMillon said the company caters to hunting and sport shooters. It hasn’t sold handguns since 1993, and does not carry “high capacity” magazines.

Obviously Walmart adheres to the firearms sales rules in each respective state where a store is located, but they also take other measures, such as videotaping all gun sales transactions and requiring store associates to complete a certification program before being allowed to handle firearms, according to the story.

“Our focus as it relates to firearms should be hunters and people who shoot sporting clays and things like that,” McMillon said. “We believe in serving those customers, we have for a long time, and we believe we should continue.”

A comment by U.S. Sen. Chris Murphy (D-CT) in the story, stating that he’s “not terribly confident that a 21-year-old Walmart clerk is going to sell guns responsibly or be able to give customers the kind of advice they need on how to responsibly use that gun,” drew a lengthy critical response from shooter, veteran, and gun safety advocate Julie Golob on Facebook.


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