Thanks to a new slide assembly from Walther, anyone who owns a standard PPQ pistol (not compact models) can now convert their handgun into a Q5 Match pistol.

The Q5 Match conversion kit includes a slide outfitted with ports and an optics-ready platform, LPA sights, and front and rear serrations. The kit also comes with the Q5 5-inch barrel with polygonal rifling and a stepped chamber.

The kit works with any polymer PPA 9mm frame, excluding the sub-compact variants, and is ready to install out of the box with no gunsmithing necessary.

The full contents of the kit include the slide, barrel, recoil assembly, all internal components, LPA rear sight, LPA fiber optic front sight, and a test target showing a 5-shot group at 25 meters.

The kit’s MSRP is $599, which makes sense as it includes most of the parts of the gun that are most expensive to produce. Unless real world prices wind up being a bit less, it’s not that much of a bargain.

If you own a PPQ, it will cost you about $600 to upgrade it with the Q5 Match kit, but it would only cost about $50 more to get an actual Q5 Match M1 pistol. That model is going for about $650 right now in real world prices, and you get the upgraded factory trigger.

But, if you have a PPQ that has had some trigger work done or some custom frame work, it could certainly be worth it, and the price of the kits might drop a bit.